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031: It’s A Wrap – Season One

Welcome to The Impossible Network. This is just a short episode to say we reached our 30th episode last week and with that event, we ended Season One of The Impossible Network.  Over the next 5 weeks until the next season starts we will be posting our reflections, questions, and


030: Debbie Millman – When Life Design Meets Serendipity

One of the most influential voices in design, led the re-design of over 200 global brands, is Co-founder of the Masters in Branding program at New York’s School of Visual Arts and creator, author of six books, and host of one of the most popular and longest running podcasts, Design Matters, is this week’s guest Debbie Millman. 


029: Anahita Moghaddam – Transcendence, Transformation and Finding Purpose

Guest Overview Born in Iran, raised in Germany, a social anthropologist, an executive coach, organizational trainer and international speaker, founder of contemplative science focused Neural Beings, and long term resident of New York is this week’s guest, Anahita Moghaddam. In this episode, Anahita tells the story of her troubled, anger-fueled

Mark Woods Comic Relief

026: The Social Impact Storyteller: Mark Woods

Guest Overview UK Journalist, bestselling author, social media content creator for Comic Relief and Sports Relief, and recent founder of social impact film company, Really Good Films is this week’s guest, Mark Woods   The youngest in a family of seven siblings, Mark recounts the impact of his family upbringing

Shantell Martin The Impossible Network

025: The Art of Self Discovery : Shantell Martin

Guest overview She graduated from St Martin’s in London, spent five years developing her unique freestyle artistic expression in Tokyo, before moving to New York to further her ambitious and expansive artistic exploration of identity and the self, welcome this weeks’ guest live visual artist Shantell Martin In this episode,

Navdip Dhariwal

024: How to Confront Race, Gender and Cultural Bias with Navdip Dhariwal

Navdip Dhariwal – A former BBC International Correspondent and Anchor, reporting from over 60 countries and hostile environments on some of the most significant stories of recent times, honored in the Asian Woman of Achievement Awards, Chief of Communications for the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and most recently founder of Content company Miran Media, is this week’s guest.

Mads Holmen The Impossible Network

022: The White Knight Of Content Publishing – Mads Holmen

Guest Overview Mads Holmen – an entrepreneur at school and university, an innovator in digital branded content, founder and CEO of Bibblio and an attention economy thought-leader is this weeks’ guest.    In this episode, Danish-born, London based Mads discusses his parents’ contribution, and the impact of the Italian educational


021: The Curiosity and Compassion of Celebrity Mom – Sharon Feldstein

New York-born, Hollywood stylist, creator of the first expert management agency, a trend spotter and teacher, and co-founder of moms’ charity, is this week’s guest, the irrepressible and inspirational Sharon Feldstein. Leaving her beloved NYC, aged 20, Sharon earned an early break as a costume designer on 70’s hit

Joshua J Holland Celebrity Trainer

017: Bonus – Joshua Holland On Surprise, Re-evaluation And More

In this short bonus episode, Josh answers some questions we didn’t ask in last weeks interview. Who’s surprised him and who’s made him reevaluate himself and the differences when training celebrities with time and money and the normal everyday clients he also trains.

Please enjoy this short bonus episode. Part Two of Josh Holland and his health insights and nutrition advice drops later this week.

Nicole Yershon

012: Rough Diamond To Transformational Gem – Nicole Yershon

This week’s guest is author, consultant, speaker, mentor and curiosity charged connector, Nicole Yershon.
Since starting her career in advertising at aged nineteen, Nicole has been
forging the path of change, driving digital disruption inside traditional ad agencies and beyond.

Dan McDougall i

011: Telling the Untold Stories – Dan McDougall

Three-time Foreign Correspondent of the Year nominee (the UK equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize), a dozen major International Prizes for Reporting including four Amnesty International Awards for Outstanding Human Rights Journalism, awards that are a testament to the talent and tenacity of Scottish born journalist Dan McDougall

Corey Cambridge_The-Impossible Network

010: To Pod, To Serve – Corey Cambridge

On this show, we discuss the influence of Corey’s family and upbringing, when and how his desire to entertain and his creative drive emerged, his commitment to living a life of service, the impact of serendipity, his view of luck and probability and his philosophy of life. And a whole lot more.

Ryder Carroll The_impossible-network

009: Living An Intentional Life – Ryder Carroll

Today’s guest is Ryder Carroll, the creator of The Bullet Journal® method, and author of the recent Bullet Journal book about the art of intentional living. In this episode we discuss his serendipitous journey to the Bullet Journal, the method, the practice and the underlying why of Bullet Journaling.


008: How to Get to Great Ideas = Dave Birss

Dave Birss is one of the most interesting creative thinkers on idea development and innovation. We discuss his views on creativity and why organizations must change the way they embrace creative thinking.

With three books to his name, his latest book- How to Get to Great Ideas offers a methodology called Right Thinking, a creative thinking framework, tools and resources to help organizations direct their mental and creative efforts more effectively.

Courtney Rennicke and Mark Fallows interview for podcast The Impossible Network

007: Courtney Rennicke – The Psychotherapists Perspective On Our Challenging Times

n this episode, we discuss how Courtney’s early upbringing influenced her decision to follow a path in psychotherapy. We discuss her first=hand experience of the psychological effects of the current political and social climate, what we can learn from other countries more balanced representation of race and gender, the neurological impact of neglect or abuse, and the necessity for human connection.

Gordon-Young Founder of The Drum's -The-Impossible_network

006: The Publisher With A Purpose – Gordon Young

Guest Overview.  Gordon Young –  co-founder of The Drum, Europe’s largest and most awarded marketing website and magazine. Since launching his first print publication as a schoolboy in Glasgow, Scotland, Gordon’s impossible creative journey has taken on a path of increasing media influence, scale and reach. Driven by the core

Natalie Bridgeman Fields and Mark

005: Natalie Bridgeman Fields – Empowering the Powerless and Changing The World From The Bottom-Up

Natalie Bridgeman Fields is driven by the desire to see a different world and is working hard to change it. A fierce advocate and pioneer in international human rights, environmental law and founder of Accountability Counsel. AC has worked with nearly 40 communities around the world, providing direct legal support as well as working to address the systemic problems that perpetuate harmful projects through policy, advocacy, and research.

Michael Ventura and Mark Fallows

Michael Ventura – Problem Solving With Empathy

This weeks guest is Michael Ventura – Founder of NYC Brand Strategy and Design Practice, Sub Rosa, author of the new book Applied Empathy and alternative medicine healer.

At age 10 Michael Ventura told his parents he wanted to be an ideas man.

Arguably that was the moment that defined his course and set him on his impossible journey to change brands, organizations, and some day, even society.

Alessandra Lariu interviewed at the Impossible Network

003: Alessandra Lariu – From Power Over to Power With

In 2007 Ale founded She Says …a global community focused on engagement, education, and advancement for women in the creative fields. From 7 people in a room in London to 45 countries, Ale’s journey is far from over…In this conversation, we cover Ale’s impossible journey from growing up in the Amazon rainforest to being Executive Creative Director in NYC.

Colby Gaines by Mark Fallows

002: Taking The Backroads – Colby Gaines

Colby Gains…Emmy Nominated producer and Founder TV production company, Back Roads Entertainment discusses serendipity.
– The importance of ‘luck’ and the thought process when creating a ‘hit show’
– The importance of curiosity and asking questions in creating hits.
– The disposable nature of social media – instantaneous edible and forgettable and transactional people don’t want to invest in the conversation
How he developed his love of storytelling and comedy, how he learned his craft by just making stuff, developing a gut instinct for what works. The importance

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