043: Say Hello To Humanity in an AI World : Pt. 2 – Caroline Chubb Calderon
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Guest Overview 

Futurist and humanist Caroline Chubb Calderon thinks a lot about what it will mean to be human in the age of intelligent machines. This child of the world that grew up speaking five languages and learned what it meant to be human at an early age from a mentally-ill mother and an inspirational father, gives us a glimpse into how we might just reimagine the future of humanity.  

In Part-Two of this interview, we explore Caroline’s perspective on how we recapture our humanity 

The imperative for businesses to invest in helping people rediscover their humanity, to lead as custodians of this world and lead for humanity. The wisdom we need to develop, what it means to be human and the empathy to be able to hear other people. 

We discuss her perspectives on the forces that are shaping our future, the possibilities and risks in an AI-driven world, the need for a global moral compass, and so much more… 

I hope you enjoy part two of this optimistic but contemplative exploration of humanity in the age of AI technology.  

What we discuss 

Her focus on driving more human intelligence and intentionality

The three human competencies – imagination, insight, and inspiration

For imagination – engineering moments of unstructured time with curiosity

The importance of connecting to nature to unlock creativity

For Insight – the ethical and moral reasoning and express your values 

The understanding mindfulness 

For Inspiration – communities of people to come together and be human together

The leadership capacities to paint a visionary future 

Building trust, community, and safety

Building with early movers 

Why companies can not afford to invest in this 

The negative economic impact of human replacement by Robots and Machines

How she is creating a path for industry leaders to follow

The lack of thought around the implications AI advances 

The lack of a picture of what humanity could look like

Caroline’s perspective on the future of education

Then we do our quickfire questions

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