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Susan McPherson

170: Susan McPherson – The Lost Art of Connecting and Living a Life of Purpose

We live at a moment in time where technology has connected the world yet for many people experience a rising sense of disconnection and research confirms feelings of isolation are increasing.  This week’s guest Susan McPherson, provides an antidote.  As author of the Lost Art of Connecting, Susan’s book provides

John Farnam

168: John Farnam – Living A Purposeful Life Through The Lens Of Yes

John Farnam lives every single day, in all his interactions focusing on making what seems impossible possible, viewing everything through the lens of yes. His life values, principles and work ethic were developed from growing up in a loving family environment in Helena Montana, USA. Given up for adoption by

Romany Romany

167: Romany Romany – The Story of The Secret Life of Female Magician

Romany Romany – Guest overview  There is no simple explanation for this week’s guest. I have struggled with how to do justice to her incredible journey. Romany Romany – aka ‘Romany The Diva of Magic’ is living evidence that when one sets their mind to something and takes action, anything is


162: Tweedy The Clown – Alan Digweed’s Perspective On Life As A Clown

Alan Digweed aka Tweedy The Clown, is this week’s guest.  In this fascinating interview we discuss Alan’s early life and the serendipitous moment he announced to his parents his intention to build his career in clowning. Alan explains the appeal of clowning, the influence and inspiration of clowning genius due

Kellie Lauth

158: Re-Engineering Education For A 2030 World – Kellie Lauth

Kellie Lauth is this week’s guest – a woman on a mission to re-engineer education and prepare children for the world of 2030, and mobilize a workforce capable of tackling the complex problems we are sure to face when the calendar turns to 2030. In this extended episode, we cover

Rowan-C-Leslie-and fiddle

156: Rowan C. Leslie – The Serendipitous Path to Traditional Music Mastery

Guest Overview This week we interview our first musician, Glasgow-based, Irish born, Fiddle player, teacher, and composer,  Rowan C Leslie. ( shout out to Scott Duncan for recommending)  Rowan began playing the fiddle when his mother joined him in learning to play at age seven.  Rowan recounts the experience of growing

Ben Hartley - The National Arts Club

154: The Reimagining of The National Arts Club – Ben Hartley

Guest Overview This week’s guest is Sydney-born, New York-based Ben Hartley – Executive Director of The National Arts Club – what he describes as a 122-year-old startup. Ben recently invited us into the spectacular Gramercy Square location to record this fascinating interview. Ben recounts his early years and his parents’


152: Science, Serendipity, and Visual Storytelling – Scott Duncan Climatologist

Scott Duncan  – Guest Overview  This week’s guest is meteorologist, Scottish Highlander, Gaelic speaker, and bag-piper Scott Duncan. Now London-based Scott grew up in the wilds of northern Scotland. Inspired by Scotland’s dramatic natural habitat he developed a love for nature and especially climate. That led him to study meteorology at

Graeme-Reid Human Rights Watch

151: Courage, Heart and Humanity of LGBT Academic and Advocate – Graeme Reid

Human rights are inextricably linked to identity. We all strive for our basic inalienable rights as human beings, regardless of race, religion, language, ethnicity or gender. This week we welcome one of the most vital thinkers in academia and advocates for LGBT human rights, Graeme Reid. Graeme is the Director


149: Documenting a Life Beyond Addiction – Graham MacIndoe and Susan Stellin

Guest Overview  This week’s guests are Graham MacIndoe and Susan Stellin.   Graham, a photographer and associate professor at Parsons School of Design in New York City, has been in recovery from addiction since 2010.  Graham and his wife Susan — a writer, researcher, and adjunct professor at The New School

Carmen D'Alessio Interview

147: Carmen D’Alessio on Studio 54 – Our 2019 Interview Revisited

Due to a guest rescheduling, this week we are republishing part two of last year’s interview with New York nightlife legend Carmen D’Alessio. We loved this show not just for the incredible stories she tells, but for what she represents. Carmen is living proof that that reinvention is ageless, energy


144: Tyrique Glasgow – Running a Corner to Changing Lives (From the Archive)

This week we re-publish our first ever episode, recorded on a cold day in late 2018 on the streets of South Philadelphia with Tyrique Glasgow. Tyrique Glasgow is the Founder of the Young Chances Foundation, an organization providing after-school support, sports programs, and mentoring for South Philadelphia’s youth. Besides running

Serendipity Mindset author

142: The Possibility-Expanding Serendipity Mindset – Dr. Christian Busch

  Serendipity Mindset Author and this week’s guest, Dr Christian Basch, describes himself as a practical philosopher. In this absorbing interview author of the new book the Serendipity Mindset, and Director of NYU’s Global Economy program, Christian describes his upbringing in Germany to a cerebral intellectual father and empathetic and loving


141: A Purpose Worth Living For In A Post Pandemic World

There is no planet B This week I want to make a change to our usual interview format.  Instead, I want to talk about the issue of climate change. Whatever your perspective on the causes few will deny that dramatic and potentially irreversible changes are occurring that threaten humanity’s existence

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