046: Carmen D’Alessio – The Untold Story of Studio 54

046: Carmen D’Alessio – The Untold Story of Studio 54

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046: Carmen D'Alessio - The Untold Story of Studio 54

Guest Overview

In Part two of this interview with Carmen D’Alessio –  the New York nightlife legend, impresario and co-founder of what is often referred to as the greatest club of all time; Studio 54, we explore the untold story of the nightclub’s formation.

Check Part One to hear her backstory.

We start the interview with Carmen recounting her second marriage and leaving Italy and working for Valentino in Rome to return to NYC to build her ‘Queen of the Night’ reputation.

If you’ve seen the 2018 Netflix documentary on the infamous nightclub you’ll hear the other side of the founder’s story on how the sensational nightclub came into existence.

Carmen also recounts her memories of those unparalleled 33 months of hedonism, having her mother around her and how the era ended and the world changed

We also cover how she’s continued to reinvent herself and nightlife experiences around the world

Finally, we cover her quick-fire questions and answers

I hope you enjoy the wit, wisdom, and wonder of Carmen D’Alessio.

What we discuss:

How she moved into fashion

Beginning her career as a nightlife promoter

How a 1976 bicentennial party reported in the WSJ got her on the map

How she met Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell and her collaboration with their Enchanted Garden ended up in Time

How she was forced to invite them to collaborate when her Studio 54 backer dropped out

The evolution of their business arrangement and how that saved her from jail

How the day to day operation worked

Her superpower of connecting people

Spontaneity and living without consequences

How Aids changed everything

Building her list of 8000 names

How nightlife has evolved as she has aged

Carmen’s evolution

Staying young, her sense of adventure and freedom

Her mother’s lust for life

Acqua fit in her 70’s

Confronting conventions

The Gospel according to carmen

Her feeling of youthfulness

Being thankful

Her principles

Establishing an environmental foundation

Her patience and faith

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