042: Reclaiming Our Humanity With Caroline Chubb Calderon

042: Reclaiming Our Humanity With Caroline Chubb Calderon

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042: Reclaiming Our Humanity With Caroline Chubb Calderon

Guest Overview 

Swiss-born, raised in Italy to a German mother and American father, this child of the world that grew up speaking five languages, and who is now reimagining humanity in the age of intelligent machines, is this week’s guest Caroline Chubb Calderon.

This interview is a two-parter.

In Part-One we explore Caroline’s nomadic upbringing, the challenges of living with her schizophrenic mother, the inspirational role of her father, her focus on finding thin slices of joy, her love of curiosity, how serendipity led her to working as an innovation consultant before setting up her own consulting business Hello Humanity.

We discuss her perspectives on the forces that are shaping our future, the possibilities and risks in an AI-driven world, the need for a global moral compass and so much more. .

I hope you enjoy part one of this optimistic but reflective and contemplative exploration of humanity in the age of AI technology.

What we discuss 

Her international upbringing

Living with her mothers depression and schizophrenia

We discuss the specifics of how this manifests itself in her life

Her life lessons

Recalling her thin slices of joy

The impact of teaching meditation

What does the future hold and how we lead for it

Issues facing us as we move into an AI world

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