058: A Million Peacemakers and Nonflict With Stephen Hecht

058: A Million Peacemakers and Nonflict With Stephen Hecht

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058: A Million Peacemakers and Nonflict With Stephen Hecht


Stephen Hecht co-founder of Million Peacemakers provides inspiration to anyone that doubts their ability to change the world for the better, at scale. Stephen is proof that good intentions, a little creativity, underpinned by clear goals can result in monumental impact, at any age.  

Million Peacemakers is a non-profit organization that empowers people to transform conflict into what they call Nonflict. Stephens’s inspiration came from his multi-faith work and his own transformation in focussing on the commonality in people over the differences.

Over 225,000 people around the world trained in the first 5 years with a focus on youth, families, and businesses, Stephen is changing the world one peacemaker training session at a time.

Stephen has led Nonflict way workshops in Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, the USA including Puerto Rico, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, Bulgaria, England, Germany, Spain, and Canada.

He was also a speaker at the Vatican in March 2019 for an international conference on Religions and the UN Sustainable Development Goals and was invited back 3 weeks later to speak about creating a culture of peace in the world.

I hope you enjoy this episode of empathy, compassion and conflict resolution  with Stephen Hecht

What We Discuss 

Stephen on growing up in Montreal Canada

Being involved in the family retail business from an early age

Being aware of his seriousness as a child 

His uncle’s defining influence

Early conflict in his family business

The defining experience of visiting Israel  

Witnessing intragroup conflict 

Stephen and his education path 

The early experience of conflict in business as globalization set in

Meeting Dr. Amir Kafir 

Joining Young President Organization 

Building Love Thy Neighbor to live in Montreal to create interfaith unity in 2009 – 19min 

Hi three Marriages

Peace Action Network 

Building the three-step model for Nonflict

The ways of confronting conflict 

Conflict defined 

The steps to conflict resolution 


Creating a Million Peacemakers 

How Serendipity has enabled them

Working with the Vatican and The Pope

His principles

His Hard Choices 

Discovering new ideas

Where in History? 

Impossible Question


Keeping up with technology

Social Links 

Million Peacemakers 




Links In the Show 

Young Presidents Organization

Cardinal Turkson 

Sustainable Development Goals 

Robin Sharma The 5 am Club

The Vatican 

Martin Luther King  

Nelson Mandela

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