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054: Pentagram Partner Emily Oberman on Design, Leadership and Motherhood
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Emily Oberman, Guest Overview  

Pentagram partner, Emily Oberman was born and raised in New York, to a graphic designer father and illustrator mother, her prolific life in design and branding was almost destined, welcome Emily.

In part two we explore how Emily met and formed a 17-year partnership, with Bonnie Siegler, in the New York design firm Number17 before we dive deep into some of her most iconic work.  Twenty seasons of driving the identity of Saturday Night Live, The identity of women-focused co-working space The Wing and the concept of the logo for eighties-inspired movie Ready Player One.

We also discuss her leadership experience at Pentagram and the challenges of combining her high-intensity life as a partner at the design firm and life with her tight-knit family as a wife, mother, and daughter.

Finally, we discuss diversity and of course her quick-fire questions and answers.

I hope you enjoy this curiosity, humor and design principles of Emily Oberman

Special thanks to our past guest Debbie Millman for the intro.

What we discuss 

  • Forming Number17 With Bonnie Siegler
  • Joining Pentagram
  • Working for smart good people and products she likes
  • Creating the logo for the movie Ready player one
  • The identity of The Wing – a women-focused co-working space
  • The experience of creating the opening and closing credits of SNL
  • Pentagram and the challenge of motherhood and leadership in design
  • Being called by her parents in an affectionate way, a beautiful weirdo
  • The hard work she has had to do
  • Driving diversity in Pentagram and leading by example

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