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Here are some links* to the products I use for the podcast and my consulting work.  

*As an Amazon Associate I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Zoom H6 All Black 6-Track Portable Recorder

Record Like a Pro: With up to 24-bit/96kHz audio and six-track simultaneous recording, our audio recorder lets you capture every detail of your sound.

RØDE NTH-100 Professional Headphones

Professional over-ear headphones ideal for content creation, music production, mixing and audio editing, podcasting, location recording

Shure SM58-LC Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

The first choice for performers around the globe, the SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone is ready to bring any performance to life.

Podcasting and editing tools

Descript AI Powered Podcasting Recording and Editing Tool

Descript is an all-in-one audio and video editor that makes editing as easy as a word doc. Packed with powerful A.I. features that are actually useful saving me time and effort. Takes video, podcast and social media content editing to the next level.

Software Tool to Boost YouTube Audience and Views

Free insights and guidance to keep your YouTube channel growing. Now with an A.I. Co-Pilot this tools gives me daily ideas for personalized inspiration to boost my video views and channel growth.

Workshop aids

Here are some links to the products for brainstorming and branding workshops.  

Creative Whack Pack® Deck Cards

Roger von Oech presents a wealth of insightful ideas culled from great thinkers and doers throughout history. These cards have been by my side in every brainstorming session since 1995.

TIME TIMER 8 inch Timer - 60 Minute Desk Countdown

The 60-minute learning clock helps to stay on task, and assist with organization and concentration during study time. Great analog tool to keep teams on track in workshops and brainstorms.

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