049: Welcome to AWorld – There Is No Planet B With Alessandro Armillotta

049: Welcome to AWorld – There Is No Planet B With Alessandro Armillotta

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049: Welcome to AWorld - There Is No Planet B With Alessandro Armillotta

Guest Overview

Born in England and raised in Italy by a trend-spotting mother and entrepreneurial father, innovation infused his education, welcome this week’s guest, and founder of social impact and sustainability start-up AWorld  – Alex Armillotta. 

In this episode, Alex discusses how his childhood prepared him, how his father coached him and his mother inspired him to his life as an e-commerce and now social impact entrepreneur. 

Alex explains the evolution of his entrepreneurial journey in eCommerce, how his experiences led him to conceive and launch the innovative social impact and sustainability eCommerce app, AWorld. 

Alex breaks down the elements of this ground-breaking app and provides insight into how AWorld enables people, companies, and organizations to collectively invest in creating a more sustainable future for our planet.

I hope you enjoy the conviction, faith, and focus of New York-based social and environmental entrepreneur Alessandro Armillotto. 

What We Discuss  

Moving to Italy age six 

Alex’s comfort with difference 

His Father’s approach to educating him and supporting his self-discovery 

Underperforming at school

Early entrepreneurial risk-taking 

Dropshipping explained 

Creating his most successful business Buy2Bee

Affiliate marketing explained

Building and scaling eCommerce businesses 

Building and selling his technology business 

Being hired and moved to  New York

Gaining insights from China and learning about affiliate marketing 

Building a tech company in Italy

How he started to connect the dots and form a plan

How he first conceived the AWorld idea

The importance of making a sustainability impact and not just profit 

The core elements of the AWorld application 

Where the AWorld application could go

His quick-fire questions and answers 

What he has learned from Tommy Hilfiger

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