047: Jeremy Heimans – Perspectives on New Power and Purpose

047: Jeremy Heimans – Perspectives on New Power and Purpose

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047: Jeremy Heimans - Perspectives on New Power and Purpose

Guest Overview 

Jeremy Heimans – a child activist,  a McKinsey strategist, founder of social movement agency Purpose, TED speaker, and co-author of NY Times bestseller New Power is this week’s guest 

We start with Australian born Jeremy reflecting on how the combination of his immigrant parent’s backstory and his voracious interest in politics led him to become a globe-trotting child activist at age eight. We discuss how this nontraditional upbringing helped him develop skills most children would not,  the profound effect on his character development, his idealism and the impact on his life trajectory.

He explains his decision to study at Harvard and work as a strategic consultant at McKinsey were examples of him using institutional power without being institutionalized.

Jeremy Heimans explains the early origins of his movement-building in Australia – the political activation movement to challenge the status quo, Get Up. 

Subsequently, he then dives into why he formed Purpose –  a social impact business that builds movements and uses the power of participation to affect positive change in the world. 

Jeremy goes on to discuss the principles underpinning his best selling book New Power and we discuss how these new power values and dynamics are being used by both New Power and Old Power institutions. 

I hope you are stimulated by the insights, vision, and purpose of Jeremy Heimans 


What we discuss 

His early upbringing

Becoming a child activist

His parent’s impact

How he built his first movement GetUp

What he gained from studying at Harvard

The value of working at McKinsey

Forming social movement activation agency Purpose 

How Purpose is structured and operates

How its Labs work

Writing the book New Power 

Old power defined – used as a currency 

New Power defined – works like a current 

How the world is evolving and embracing both sets of values

How serendipity affected his journey

Curiosity and the creation of the new 

Spotting gaps and starting things 

His quick-fire answers 

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