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005: Empowering the Powerless and Changing The World From The Bottom-Up – Natalie Bridgeman Fields

Natalie Bridgeman Fields is driven by the desire to see a different world and is working hard to change it. A fierce advocate and pioneer in international human rights, environmental law and founder of Accountability Counsel. AC has worked with nearly 40 communities around the world, providing direct legal support as well as working to address the systemic problems that perpetuate harmful projects through policy, advocacy, and research.

004: Problem Solving With Empathy – Michael Ventura

This weeks guest is Michael Ventura – Founder of NYC Brand Strategy and Design Practice, Sub Rosa, author of the new book Applied Empathy and alternative medicine healer.

At age 10 Michael Ventura told his parents he wanted to be an ideas man.

Arguably that was the moment that defined his course and set him on his impossible journey to change brands, organizations, and some day, even society.

Alessandra Lariu interviewed at the Impossible Network

003: From Power Over to Power with – Alessandra Lariu

In 2007 Ale founded She Says …a global community focused on engagement, education, and advancement for women in the creative fields. From 7 people in a room in London to 45 countries, Ale’s journey is far from over…In this conversation, we cover Ale’s impossible journey from growing up in the Amazon rainforest to being Executive Creative Director in NYC.

Interview Colby Gaines by Mark Fallows

002: Taking The Backroads – Colby Gaines

Colby Gains…Emmy Nominated producer and Founder TV production company, Back Roads Entertainment discusses serendipity.
– The importance of ‘luck’ and the thought process when creating a ‘hit show’
– The importance of curiosity and asking questions in creating hits.
– The disposable nature of social media – instantaneous edible and forgettable and transactional people don’t want to invest in the conversation
How he developed his love of storytelling and comedy, how he learned his craft by just making stuff, developing a gut instinct for what works. The importance

Tyrique Glasgow Impossible Network

001:Running a Corner to Changing Lives – Tyrique Glasgow

From running a corner, being shot 11 times, and serving time; Tyrique (Rique) Glasgow’s world is now about creating possibilities for the kids of the very same street. His world revolved around the corner of Taney and Tasker Streets, in South Philadelphia. Described as a world he’d been willing to die for, willing to kill for and gone to war for; Rique has now transformed this corner to a world of hope and opportunity. Running the Young Chances Foundation for the kids of this South Philly community, this is Rique’s story.

Mark Fallows host of The Impossible Network

About The Impossible Network

This is a podcast where we explore the stories and experiences of everyday people living extraordinary lives. Our aim is to tell their inspiring stories, understand how serendipity played its part in their life’s journey and maybe re-evaluate how we all view serendipity in our lives. And in doing so

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