068: Big Questions of Creativity: Part 2 With Michael Hanchett Hanson

068: Big Questions of Creativity: Part 2 With Michael Hanchett Hanson

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068: Big Questions of Creativity: Part 2 With Michael Hanchett Hanson

Big questions were asked of Michael Hanchett Hanson – author and founder and director of the Masters Concentration in Creativity and Cognition program at Columbia University around the theoretical aspects of creativity when we met for Part Two.

In part two of the interview, we focused on creativity in practice.

Michael explains why constraints are a core component in generating creativity, and expands on the invalidity the out of the box metaphor, discusses big ideas.

I use a classic quote from legendary ad man David Ogilvy to frame our discussion

We discuss how as we work creatively we not only produce work, but our point of view develops, our understanding of big questions deepens.

Michael draws on references to Monet, John Coltrane, Ian Curtis, Mozart, George Bernard Shaw, Elton John and Picasso as we discuss and dissect the role of passion, empathy, hard work, research, complex systems, forward and backward loops and how creating solutions for the future often requires us to mine the creativity of the past.

I hope you are stimulated by this episode of big questions on creativity with Michael Hanchett Hanson.

What we discuss 

Constraints drive creativity – we draw on a past guest

Deviation amplifying techniques

David’s Ogilvy’s philosophy

Pat Stokes research on creativity and rats

George Bernard Shaw and The Fabian Society

Bill Bernbach from DDB


The importance of passions

The role of Empathy

Affect and Effect

The future is an idea

Complex systems

Temporal loops

Neophilic version of creativity

The role of domain expertise


The role of talent

Creativity defined – hard work and talent



Links in the show 


Edward Clapp

George Bernard Shaw

Fabian Society in the UK 

Ian Curtis of Joy Division 



David Ogilvy 


Bill Bernbach


RocketMan Movie

Bernie Taupin


John Coltraine 

Labor Omnia Vinci

Howard Gruber 

Creativity and constraints

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