065: Hunter Johansson – The Social Activist Twin to Scarlett

065: Hunter Johansson – The Social Activist Twin to Scarlett

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065: Hunter Johansson - The Social Activist Twin to Scarlett

Hunter Johansson founder of Solar Responders was born and raised in New York to an American Mother and Danish Architect Father, a community activist grandmother, he is twin brother to Scarlet Johansson, and he’s on a mission to save lives through his renewable energy NGO Solar Responders, is this week’s guest

(In part one) Hunter shares his experience of growing up in Manhattan, the values passed on to him by family, friends, and mentors, and finding his path and purpose in life.

(In part two ) Hunter explains his NGO’s mission to save lives in hurricane-hit regions by installing solar power units in first responder fire and police stations and how he co-founded Solar Responders, with London born Las Vegas-based fire captain Richard Burt.

Hunter Johansson discusses his mission to help the disadvantaged people of Puerto Rico, still devastated by the 2017 Hurricane and his vision to extend the renewable technology to other regions threatened by the ever-increasing risk of life threaten hurricanes and climate change

Finally, Hunter covers his principles, influences, and advice.

I hope you enjoy the humble, yet indomitable spirit of Hunter Johansson

Hunter’s memories of New York made us think about the memories of Jose Freire

What We Discuss 

Hunter Johanson and his upbringing in NYC

The importance of family

His relationship with his twin Scarlett

We discuss finding his path to purpose in life

Hunter Johansson and his love of the environment

The Impact of Hurricane Sandy

The enduring memory of 9/11

His respect for the first responders and fire crews

His many work experiences

The passion he has for helping people

The effect Hurricane Maria had on him

Meeting Captain Richard Burt

Forming Solar Responders

How Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson supported his mission

The impact of solar technology on future hurricanes

The challenges of raising funds for the NGO

Empowering the Puerto Ricans locals

His principles

His hard choices

Who has made Hunter Johansson reevaluate himself

Where he goes to discover new ideas

Hunter Johannson’s  impossible question answered

Where and when in history

The book Hunter Johannson recommends

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