EP: 079 – CIA, Inconspicuous Consumption, Technology, Video Inspiration, and Existence

EP: 079 – CIA, Inconspicuous Consumption, Technology, Video Inspiration, and Existence

First the Podcast, we loved. 

Tatiana Schlossberg On Design Matters 

Debbie Millman is probably the most accomplished podcast host. In this recent episode, Debbie interviews Tatiana Schlossberg, journalist, author of Inconspicuous Consumption

Tatiana is also the daughter of Caroline Kennedy, and a granddaughter of John F. Kennedy, the 35th U.S. president.

As a reporter for The New York Times covering climate change, she discusses her book and how climate change is entangled in everything we use, buy, eat, wear, and how we get around. She also details the small steps that we can all take to have a significant impact on the most defining issue of our time.

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Benedict Evans – Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants 

Every year, Ben, a partner at SF VC firm Andreessen Horowitz produces a comprehensive presentation on the state of Tech. He digs deep into macro and strategic trends in the tech industry. In this year’s magnum opus, ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’ Ben looks at what it means that 4 people have a smartphone; with everyone connected, he wonders, what is the Next Big Thing? In addition, he reflects on the fact that connecting everyone means that all our problems will also be connected. Finally, he explores where regulation in Tech will take us.

He gave this presentation at an event in Davos in January 2020, in partnership with Nasdaq and Protocol.

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136 Internet Videos that Blew My Mind


From our friends at Genius Steals. This engrossing compilation that Joe Sabia, head of creative development at Conde Nast Entertainment, has assembled, of internet videos which have left some sort of impression on him. Sectioned into 7 parts – of experimental, artsy, tinkering with clips, brainy, novel pranks and lastly, “just weird” As Faris says ‘this google presentation is perfect for pulling reference points, or simply brightening up a colleague’s day.’

Mulling On This 

The Sentient Puddle 

I was recently introduced to Robbie Stamp and during our first call, Robbie recounted the famous Puddle parable from Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy creator, Double Adams.

This simple yet profound analogy for how we as humans perceive our ‘being’ and our place on the planet should also trigger an intellectual realization that, aside from Greta and her army of climate strikers, we seem incapable of seeing the wider world outside ‘the hole’ and acting on it. Watch this video and reflect on our shrinking puddle.

Last Weeks Podcast

Week 12 – CIA Intelligence, Consumption, Technology, Video Inspiration, and Existence

Last Weeks Podcast 

Carmen Medina is a former CIA Deputy Director of Intelligence. A veteran of the Intelligence Community, she is also the author of Rebels at Work: A Handbook for Leading Change from Within.

Puerto Rican born, to a fun-loving father and an achievement-driven mother, Carmen excelled through an itinerant childhood to lead school debating teams. Her forensic debating skills and serendipity led her to a University scholarship and ultimately set her on her path to a 32-year career in the CIA.

In Part One, Carmen unpacks her chaotic and unsettled upbringing and childhood, the role of her education, how debating helped her develop the skills that served her well over her CIA career.

We discuss her experience of interning at the CIA in 1978, a time before desktop computers, operating as a human algorithm, to running the South Africa desk, and leaning into the male-dominated CIA culture to make her voice heard.

In Part Two, we discuss her perspective on power, the current state of the world, and her hope for the future. We also cover the role of curiosity and creativity in her work at the CIA, applying empathy to be heard by policy and decision-makers in today’s polarized political environment

And finally, we end with her life insights as she answers our quickfire questions.

I hope you enjoy this refreshing and fun episode and learn from the kindness, reflective wisdom, and optimism of Carmen Medina.

Thanks to Munish Walther Puri for the connection.

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