062: 2019 Compilation – Part One

062: 2019 Compilation – Part One

The Impossible Network with Mark Fallows
The Impossible Network
062: 2019 Compilation - Part One

Over the last twelve months, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some extraordinary people and have been inspired by their passion, insights, and wisdom.

The following audio clips are just a short selection of our guest’s reflections.

We asked John C Haven’s Episode 40 to reflect on the societal changes required in an AI-driven world and the challenge for businesses to look beyond just meeting their numbers.

We then asked Jazz Musician and Mathematician Marcus G Miller Episode 56 what he would do to the education system to improve the opportunities for youth.

Caroline Chubb Calderon Episode No 42 reflected on the challenges of retaining our humanity in the face of identity politics, political polarization and the encroachment of AI in work and life.

And Shantell Martin Episode 25 reflects on serendipity by providing a beautiful metaphor for how hard work Creates opportunity.

Finally, I asked Debbie Millman Episode 30 about the serendipity of a seemingly career-ending set of events redefined her future path

Enjoy the holidays and we will be back with new guests next week.

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