067: Weekly Digest – Storytelling, Polymaths, Internet Killers and Living Packaging Free.

067: Weekly Digest – Storytelling, Polymaths, Internet Killers and Living Packaging Free.

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067: Weekly Digest - Storytelling, Polymaths, Internet Killers and Living Packaging Free.

This Week’s Guest Hunter Johansson  

Hunter Johansson, twin brother of actress Scarlett was born and raised in New York to an American Mother and Danish Architect Father, and a community activist grandmother. Hunter is on a mission to save lives through renewable energy and is in Puerto Rico as we send this dealing with the aftermath of this week’s earthquake.

(In part one) Hunter shares his experience of growing up in Manhattan, the values passed on to him by family, friends, and mentors, and finding his path and purpose in life.

(In part two ) Hunter explains his NGO’s mission to save lives in hurricane-hit regions by installing solar power units in first responder fire and police stations and how he co-founded Solar Responders, with London born Las Vegas-based fire captain Richard Burt.

Hunter discusses his mission to help the disadvantaged people of Puerto Rico, still devastated by the 2017 Hurricane and his vision to extend the renewable technology to other regions threatened by the ever-increasing risk of life threaten hurricanes and climate change

Finally, we cover his principles, influences, and advice.

Hunter is driven and humble and has an indomitable spirit.

Podcast We Loved

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman – Scott Harrison

You might not have heard of Scott Harrison but I expect you have heard of Charity: Water. This interview with Scott deconstructs how a great story is a foundation for building a great company. Scott Harrison is a master storyteller, and has built his nonprofit on 3 radical principles: (1) 100% of donations would go to water projects (not overhead) (2) Progress reports would be utterly transparent, sharing victories, defeats and even GPS coordinates of water wells (3) The brand’s storytelling would lead with hope instead of guilt, inspiring joyful participation without sacrificing honesty. Lot’s to learn from this one.

Recommended to us

Rise of the Polymath

Our friends Faris and Rosie shared this great BBC article on polymaths, and why in a world of specialism, cross-disciplinary skills maybe what we will need to solve some of the larger societal problems we face. It also covers the characteristics of a polymath and what open-mindedness, curiosity and emotional resilience are common traits.

This was our favorite read this week.

Series of the week 

Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

A compelling story of a twisted criminal’s gruesome videos that drive a group of amateur online sleuths to launch a risky manhunt that brings them into a dark underworld. Be prepared for the true story of one of Canada’s most infamous crimes

Mulling on this           

Packaging Free – Update 

Following a challenge from upcoming guest Joshua Spodek, I have been attempting to avoid buying anything with packaging. It’s hard but what I have witnessed is a change in my consciousness toward what I purchase and how I plan my food and meals.

Previously my supermarket visits were simply scripted behavior patterns and repetitive purchases with no thought to the plastic packaging the presents itself in every aisle.

There are some items like yogurt I have failed with but generally, I am living more sustainabLY and healthier. MORE TO COME

Tools we’re using 


URLList is a handy bookmarklet that allows you to bring a group of URLs together in one place and then share them with a single link. Imagine using this for your Instagram link in your bio and being able to promote a list of URLs for different product landing pages or social media sites. We use it.

Social Impact 

Bushfire donations 

In light of the calamitous destruction caused by the Australian bushfires and the catastrophic loss of wildlife, we are simply posting a link to the WWF’s appeal page

That’s all for now.

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