071: Brain Health, Climate Action, and Our Collective Future.

071: Brain Health, Climate Action, and Our Collective Future.

The Impossible Network with Mark Fallows
The Impossible Network
071: Brain Health, Climate Action, and Our Collective Future.

First up the Podcast We Loved

Dr David Perlmutter – On Ultimate Health 

So much insight on brain health here from Board-Certified Neurologist and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition Dr. David Perlmutter on Ultimate Health podcast as he covers stress and lack of sleep, the impact of the pre-fontal cortex and the amygdala on our wellbeing and what lifestyle choices trigger them to compete, The Western diet and inflammation, how to manage our digital experience using hisT.I.M.E. model, the positive health benefits of being in nature, and his 20 minute a day meditation practice

We found this online 

Is It Wrong To Be Hopeful About Climate Change 

This BBC Futures piece sets out what our everyday actions – yes we can make a difference – are what counts as “hope is profoundly linked with action: both ours and that of others alongside us.”. It means rolling up our sleeves and making lifestyle changes like reducing the packaging we purchase.

Recommended to us

What to Expect By 2030

Our friends Faris and Rosie shared Azeem Azhar’s post from his Exponential View blog on the “what we can expect in the next 10 years — from increasingly fragmented geopolitics to climate change is the dominant narrative, rethinking the purpose of economies, eating less meat, and yeah, unfortunately, big tech companies like FB, Google, and Amazon working aggressively to hoover up data wherever they can, using their balance sheets to expand into new arenas.”

Last Week’s Podcast 

A few weeks ago I interviewed Michael Hanchett Hanson – author and founder and director of the Masters Concentration in Creativity and Cognition program at Columbia University around the theoretical aspects of creativity.

In part two of the interview, we focused on creativity in practice. Michael explains why constraints are a core component in generating creativity, and expands on the invalidity the out of the box metaphor, discusses big ideas.

I use a classic quote from legendary ad man David Ogilvy to frame our discussion and state that creativity is a state of mind.

We discuss how as we work creatively, we not only produce work, but our point of view develops, our understanding of big questions deepens.

Michael draws on references to Monet, John Coltrane, Ian Curtis, Mozart, George Bernard Shaw, Elton John, and Picasso as we discuss and dissect the role of passion, empathy, hard work, research, complex systems, forward and backward loops and how creating solutions for the future often requires us to mine the creativity of the past.

I hope you are stimulated by this episode of big questions on creativity with Michael Hanchett Hanson.

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