073: Leadership and the Environment – Joshua Spodek Explains

073: Leadership and the Environment – Joshua Spodek Explains

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073: Leadership and the Environment - Joshua Spodek Explains

Guest overview 

Part Two

Leadership and the environment is Joshua Spodek’s driving passion

A two-time TEDx speaker, #1 bestselling author, host of the award-winning Leadership and the Environment podcast, and professor and coach of entrepreneurship and leadership at NYU and Columbia Business School.

He hasn’t flown (by choice) since March 2016, has picked up at least one piece of street trash per day since April 2017, and takes over a year to produce one bag of garbage.

In part one we covered Josh’s upbringing, the impact of his parent’s divorce, education, dealing with insecurity, his curiosity. discovering his love of math and science, finding joy in discipline and his evolutionary approach to living.

In Part two Josh explains his self developed a habit-forming technique called SIDCHA and breaks down the step by step approach that anyone can embrace to create more positive habits and behaviors in their life. Josh also invites me to take on my personal environmental challenge.

We discussed the broader environmental challenges facing society and the planet before jumping into the rapid-fire. Questions that turn out not to be rapid-fire answers. I hope you enjoy the intellect, the inspiration, the environmental action, and the leadership principles of Joshua Spodek.

We also cover Josh’s mission – to help people live by their values, especially their environmental values, creating and finding joy, meaning, value, importance, purpose, passion, and other emotional rewards in the process.

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