Ep:236 Power For All – Kristina Skierka – Seven Minutes of Soundbites

Ep:236 Power For All – Kristina Skierka – Seven Minutes of Soundbites

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Ep:236 Power For All - Kristina Skierka - Seven Minutes of Soundbites

Power For All – CEO – Kristina Skierka


If you’re short on time here are seven minutes of soundbites from difference maker Kristina Skierka – theSan Francisco  based founder and CEO of Power For All, a global campaign to provide universal energy access by 2025 to the 85% of the 1.1 billion people residing in rural areas who lack reliable energy. 

She’s a beacon of inspiration, galvanizing governments, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs worldwide behind her mission. Kristina has fostered partnerships with over 300 collaborators, to launch pivotal decentralized renewable energy solutions from intricate mini-grids to expansive mobile solar farms across countries like Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, India, Ethiopia, and Uganda; distributed renewable energy (DRE) solutions that have the potential to increase agricultural productivity, help decarbonize the food system, reduce greenhouse gases, and mitigate the worst impacts of global warming.

With over two decades of expertise in the energy sector, Kristina’s influence extends beyond her campaign. A prolific speaker and writer and as a testament to her global impact, Kristina serves on the United Nations’ Technical Advisory Group for SDG7 and in 2021 was appointed to the inaugural United Nations Food Systems Summit.

This was recorded before last month’s Climate Week in New York where Kristina hosted a panel and released a report that called for transitioning the $8 trillion food system out of fossil fuels and into renewable energy. Power for All’s research indicates that by updating just five key farming technologies for Africa’s smallholder farmers, the continent could cut its emissions by10% and boost its economy by a staggering $24.5 billion.

I hope you enjoy this deep dive into Kristina’s inspiring journey, her visionary leadership, and the future of energy access globally. Thanks to Jeremy Tamamini.


00:00 Intro

00:33 Kristina’s early inspiration and influences

02:46 The vision for energy access

03:47 Facing up to early resistance 

05:31 The main geographical focus 

06:02 The GHG impact of fossil fuel in agriculture 

06:36 The market opportunity 

07:55 What we can do as individuals  

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