Ep 244: Gavin Fernie-Jones – The Reluctant Leader of The Re-Action Collective

Ep 244: Gavin Fernie-Jones – The Reluctant Leader of The Re-Action Collective

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Ep 244: Gavin Fernie-Jones - The Reluctant Leader of The Re-Action Collective

Gavin Fernie-Jones

Today I am joined by Gavin Fernie-Jones – a remarkable individual whose life story is a testament to embracing change, resilience, and the power of community. 

Discovering his love of the outdoors in Peak District in the UK, he  moved to the French Alps to manage chalets, before his entrepreneurial spirit led him to open a ski boot fitting business,  But as he witnessed the creeping realities of climate change he began to take action through his One Tree At A Time initiative. This led to further initiatives like Citizen Friday and his growing Re-Action Collective.

As a self described reluctant leader Gavin is a proactive change-maker. Through initiatives like Citizens Fridays and the engaging community space that champions sustainability, Gavin and his team are not just talking about change – they are living it. 

This is a conversation about transformation, and is proof that we can all take action, make choices, have impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. I hope you are inspired.  


00:00 Introduction 

02:21 Who is Gavin Fernie-Jones? 

03:30 Gavin’s Childhood and Influence of Parents

03:50 Gavin’s Life-Changing Move to the Peak District

08:34 Gavin’s Career Path in the Outdoors

12:48 Gavin’s Entrepreneurial Journey in Ski Boot Fitting

18:53 Gavin’s Awakening to Climate Change

22:04 Gavin’s Efforts Towards Sustainability

28:33 Gavin’s Repair Day Initiative

29:32 The Birth of a Repair Day

30:15 The Impact of Unused Clothing

30:55 Setting Up One Tree at a Time

31:42 The Power of Reusing Ski Instructor Uniforms

35:08 The Unexpected Success of Rental Ski Gear

37:27 Building a Vibrant Local Community

38:52 The Challenges of Dealing with Clothing Waste

42:03 The Potential of Repurposing Unusable Fabric

53:58 The Creation of the Reaction Collective

58:21 The Future of Sustainable Fashion

01:03:03 The Value of Membership and Community

01:03:19 The Power of Free Participation

01:03:50 The Impact of Fees and Hierarchies

01:04:20 Exploring Anarchism and Distributed Power

01:04:38 The Role of Money and Obligation

01:05:10 Creating Something Different and New

01:05:21 The Future of Funding and the Collective

01:06:01 The Power of Serendipitous Connections

01:06:36 The Impact of Positive Action and Community

01:07:19 The Need for Funding and the Role of the Citizen

01:08:17 The Power of Distributed Organizations

01:09:01 The Citizen Story and the Role of Brands

01:11:50 The Role of the Citizen in the Reaction Collective

01:15:28 The Power of Disruptive Community

01:18:43 The Role of Brands in the Collective

01:26:43 The Emergence of a New Business Structure

01:32:36 The Power of Nature and Community

01:35:56 The Role of Film in Community Building

01:37:59 The Need for a Platform for Citizen Stories


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