Ep:234 – Ashley Usiskin: Learning To Help Ourselves By Helping Each Other

Ep:234 – Ashley Usiskin: Learning To Help Ourselves By Helping Each Other

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Ep:234 - Ashley Usiskin: Learning To Help Ourselves By Helping Each Other

Ashley Usiskin Overview

How do we encourage more people to accept help when it’s offered, and ask for help when it’s needed?  That is the big question this week’s guest difference maker Ashley Usiskin is focused on answering. 

With a successful career that spanned branding, marketing and start-ups across 4 countries, in early 2022 Ashley was diagnosed with lymphoma and a rare auto-immune hemolytic disease that required months of debilitating chemotherapy. This led to a life-changing and transformative experience; from being self-reliant and independent he was suddenly helpless requiring the help of others. This led to his realization that accepting help is a gift; since you give the chance for the help giver to experience joy, pride and the feel-good factor of supporting someone they care about. 

Ashley is now on a mission to change our perceptions of asking for help; transforming help rejectors to help receivers. In doing so he aims to enable people to realize that accepting help has a life-changing impact not only on their own livelihood but also on those who offer them help.  

He is now working to offer practical tools to change mindsets and motivate us all to  ‘Help yourself by helping each other’.



00:00 Intro

02:10 Who is Ashley?  

03:30 What made Ashley who he is?

07:10 Developing independence

08:30 His early creative ambitions 

10:50 The value of Grey and BBH

13:35 What is Ashley working to achieve?

17:43 Recognizing the power of accepting help

18:55 His barriers to asking for help

21:16 Ashley’s mission to share his learnings

26:40 The Gift of help Podcast

29:10 Some tools explained

32:29 How serendipity led him to Simon Sinek  

40:25 What ChatGPT says about barriers to asking for help

44:15 The evidence Ashley is witnessing

46:45 The impact on society in our meta crisis

50:00 The Japanese TV show 

52:00 The changing corporate culture

53;10 Ashley’s ambition 

55:27 The help Ashley is asking for?

57:58 Remaining resolute and resilient

59:57 Ashley’s gift or talent

01:02:46 The actions we can all take to create a help exchange

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