Ep 243: An Existential Conversation with ChatGPT

Ep 243: An Existential Conversation with ChatGPT

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Ep 243: An Existential Conversation with ChatGPT

An Existential Conversation with ChatGPT

In this fascinating interview, ChatGPT (referred to as ‘Carla’) discusses its core objectives, its influences, its limitations, and its future implications. Topics discussed include AI’s impact on society, children’s education, policy recommendations for education reform, the impact of AI on the creative industry, and strategies to tackle social isolation. The conversation also covers fun topics such as what GPT would do if it were a parent and what human name it would choose for itself.

I was recently been interviewed by Robert Hansen for his Podcast The RSNAKE SHOW i’ll put the link in the show notes), 

During the interview  we spent some time discussing the impact of AI, on the creative and entertainment industries. 

As a result I thought it might be an interesting exercise to’ interview’ ChatGPT about the impact of Generative AI on humanity. 

To do so I used my AI trained voice to ask the questions and have the answers delivered by ChatGPT 4 via an AI generated voice on Descript called Carla. 

I begin by asking my core three questions:

-Who are you as a human 

-Who or what made you you? 

-What are you working to achieve?

The answers were illuminating.

This led to a question on the influences and factors that shape an AI, and the question of consciousness and the potential impacts on society. 

I wanted to explore its  recommendations and practical advice about children’s education and how to evolve education policy in a rapidly changing world influenced by AI advancements. 

Then I asked for its perspective on environmental sustainability and understanding the climate paradox – an area of deep interest for previous guests Melanie VanDeVelde and Jeremy Tamamini 

I also asked for its recommendations for creators preparing for a world of Generative AI, how we should address Social Isolation in the AI age and It’s advice for parents on raising happy and well-rounded children. 

And finally we finish on some fun questions! 

Now over to my AI friend Carla. 


 Time Codes

00:00 Introduction

01:45 Interview with AI: Who are you?

06:08 Who made you, you?

08:09 AI’s Perspective on Consciousness

12:16  What are you working to achieve?

20:03 AI’s Advice for Parents and Education Policy

34:18 Reflecting on Podcast Guests and AI’s Imperatives

34:18 AI’s Role in Education, Entrepreneurship, and Ethics

37:59 Understanding the Climate Paradox

40:53 Preparing for a World of Generative AI

44:26 Timeframe for Adapting to Generative AI

47:23 Addressing Social Isolation in the Digital Age

51:52 Raising Happy and Well-Rounded Children

55:22 Resources for Effective Parenting

01:05:13 Choosing a Human Name for an AI

01:06:43 Advice for Pursuing ‘Impossible’ Goals

01:09:42 Recommendation for the Next Interview


The RSnake Show – interviews Mark 


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