Ep 244: Lauren Hug – Rediscovering Wisdom, Grace, Kindness, and Connection in the Digital Age

Ep 244: Lauren Hug – Rediscovering Wisdom, Grace, Kindness, and Connection in the Digital Age

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Ep 244: Lauren Hug - Rediscovering Wisdom, Grace, Kindness, and Connection in the Digital Age

Lauren Hug joins me this week.  Lauren Hug, is a writer, speaker and activist based in Colorado Springs. Lauren grew up with a unique mix of influences – a tech-savvy household, a love for the humanities, and a conservative religious upbringing. This sparked in her a deep curiosity about ideas and a passion for rediscovering and sharing the wisdom of the past.

Lauren has focused much of her work on promoting digital kindness and encouraging healthier ways of interacting online. While social media often gets a bad rap, Lauren sees its potential for amplifying new voices and stories. Through her writing, speaking, and online presence, she inspires people to engage with more empathy, seek out different perspectives, and use digital platforms to spread uplifting content.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Lauren opens up about her journey of unlearning default mindsets, coping with anxiety, and defining herself on her own terms. She shares her optimism about younger generations and her excitement about the creative potential made possible by emerging technologies. Throughout our conversation, Lauren emphasizes the centrality of human connection, both online and offline and advocates for young people to step forward and lead us into the future.

I think you’ll find Lauren’s perspective refreshing and thought-provoking. Now over to Lauren

Time Codes

00:54 Introducing Lauren Hug

02:23 Lauren’s Personal Philosophy: Rediscovering Ancient Wisdom

02:23 Exploring Identity and the Complexity of Self-Definition

03:57 The Role of Old Ways in Modern Times

05:29 Navigating Parenthood and the Pandemic’s Effects

06:55 The Importance of Remembering and Celebrating Old Wisdom

07:15 Lauren’s Unique Upbringing: Tech Meets Humanities

11:48 From Dreams to Reality: Lauren’s Career Path

15:11 The Influence of Religion and the Quest for Authenticity

22:05 Digital Kindness: Lauren’s Mission to Transform Online Spaces

36:48 The Challenge of Civil Discourse in a Digital World

48:08 Embracing Ambiguity in a Complex World

48:34 The Transformative Power of Uncertainty

49:01 Challenging Binary Views and Media Influence

49:38 Rethinking Social Constructs and Democracy

50:46 The Resurgence of Storytelling and Social Media’s Role

51:32 Gen Z’s Impact and the Future of Discourse

52:12 The Nuances of Gen Z and Social Media Perceptions

53:33 Redefining Business and Ideology for Gen Z

01:01:21 The Potential of AI and Rediscovering Humanity

01:06:33 The Importance of Intergenerational Communication

01:09:40 Exploring New Forms of Community and Connection

01:13:32 The Digital Kindness Journal: A Tool for Reflection

01:18:15 Personal Insights and Overcoming Challenges

01:22:21 The Future of Creativity and AI’s Role

01:26:47 Concluding Thoughts on Digital Kindness and Legacy

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