020: Perspectives On The Dark Web, Data and Cybersecurity with Munish Walther Puri.

020: Perspectives On The Dark Web, Data and Cybersecurity with Munish Walther Puri.

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020: Perspectives On The Dark Web, Data and Cybersecurity with Munish Walther Puri.

Guest Overview

An expert in the economics of the data on the dark web, an advisor on cyber-crime and security and respected specialist on geopolitical risk, trends and their impact on business and society, welcome to this week’s guest, Munish Walther Puri.

Born in California to Physician parents, we discuss the impact of Munish’s upbringing as part of the Indian diaspora, how the cross-cultural influences conditioned by his school, sports and pastimes prepared him the world he now inhabits.

We explore how curiosity, serendipity, and creativity impacted  Munish’s journey to the intersection the data, the dark web and the cyber risks facing businesses, communities, and society.

I hope you enjoy this inspiring but sobering episode serendipity cyber risk and security with Munish Walther Puri. 

What we discuss

His upbringing to physician parents

Being part of the Indian diaspora

The cross-cultural influences from moving between different communities in the SF Bay Area on his sense of identity

The impact and creativity from being the only boy at his sister’s dance school.

How his upbringing helped him forge connections easily

The experience of being a Hindu being schooled in a Christian school and exposure to multiple religions

How this instilled curiosity

The diversity and multiplicity of the courses and subjects he studied

His entry into a professional career in Risk Analysis

How he began to use data and open source tools

The intersection of fraud, terrorism and cyber

Risk and intelligence frameworks to different scenarios

How he considers risk

The diffusion and proliferation of cyber capabilities

The shifting from a unipolar world to a multipolar world

How he views failure

Our quick fire questions

The people who inspire him

What’s made him revaluation himself

What he’d do with the keys to the White House

His principles

His hard choices

Where he discovers new ideas

Who inspires him

How creativity manifests itself in his work

How he stays up to date with technology

The impossible question

The book he recommends

Who we interview next


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