163: The Solo Show – Why I Started The Podcast and What I Have Learned From My Guests

163: The Solo Show – Why I Started The Podcast and What I Have Learned From My Guests

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163: The Solo Show - Why I Started The Podcast and What I Have Learned From My Guests

Mark Fallows Podcast Inspiration. Okay folks this week, it’s just a solo episode. I’m often asked about why I started this podcast and what it takes to keep going. We have to week, month after month now, two and a half years into this, I thought I would take some time just to step back and reflect on it and answer those questions as to what led to starting this podcast and carrying on.

For most of my life, I’ve worked in advertising and been very interested in the power of curiosity as a characteristic, but also in the power and value of networks. And thirdly, I’ve always been interested in the concept of serendipity and what it is and the role it plays in people’s lives. So when I started thinking about the podcast back in 2013, I did nothing about it. Two years later, I did something about it and created The Impossible Network and recorded a couple of episodes, and then did nothing with it. Procrastination really kicked in. I’ll come and talk a bit about procrastination in more detail and the value it has, but it wasn’t until 2018 when I really sat down and thought, what I want this podcast to be about? And that’s when I really stepped back and thought about, networks, serendipity, and curiosity. It was a convergence of these three things that led to launching the Impossible Network.

I had a simple thought, what if I interview three people that I know, two of them being clients, and asked them about their life journey, ask them about the impact of their upbringing, the role of curiosity in their life, their attitude to risk, their perception of fear and failure, and what’s really fueled them and spurred them on to achieve what they would personally make their impossible, possible.

But the key thing in these interviews is really to ask them who they recommend that I interview next, leaving the guests that we interviewed down to serendipity. And that has resulted in me interviewing over 90 guests now and rising some of the most extraordinary, unexpected people; people I would never, otherwise encountered or be connected with, and who now form part of the Impossible Network.

I discuss the life insights and lessons from my guests like Hunter Johanssen, Debbie Millman, Beth Comstock, Dr Courtney Rennicke and Shantell Martin

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