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015: The Principles, Passion & Perspectives of Politician Kenyatta Johnson
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Guest overview
This week’s guest is Kenyatta Johnson. Following the murder of his cousin in 1998, he formed Peace Not Guns, a not for profit he formed to end and prevent gun violence through education and programs created to give children an alternative to the streets. His activism led to a successful run for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and in 2012 he became the youngest elected Council member of Philadelphia City Council.

Growing up in Point Breeze, South Philadelphia, Kenyatta’s life straddled a fine line between educational opportunity and the environmental pressure to follow the path street crime. However, a serendipitous gun charge set him on a committed course of education and advancement, culminating in a degree in criminal justice and a Master’s in government administration and public finance from the U. Penn.
He now uses his political power to fervently fight for social injustice, a reduction in economic inequality and improvements in workplace diversity and inclusion.

I hope you enjoy the passion and political perspectives of Councilman Kenyatta Johnson

What we discuss

  • The impact of Kenyatta’s upbringing by his mother, stepfather and grandmother.
  • How his faith prevented him from crossing the line into a life of crime.
  • How a gun charge at aged sixteen became a serendipitous event that set him on a course for college and university.
  • How his mentor gave him a roadmap to success in life
  • His reason for entering public life and life of service
  • How local government works with social enterprises and NGO’s
  • How Kenyatta’s addressing economic inequality and gun crime in Philadelphia
  • His focus on minority diversity and inclusion requirements for new economic developments
  • What he’d do with the keys to White House
  • How he defines a quality education
  • Where he goes to discover new ideas
  • His principles
  • His hard choices
  • His inspirations
  • The books he recommends
  • His impossible advice
  • His views on the 2020 Election

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Links in the Show

The Book Kenyatta Recommends –  That We Offer –  The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Frederick Douglass Autobiography

President Truman’s Leadership  

Peace Not Guns

Rep Jordan Harris

Benjamin Banneker

Crispus Attucks

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