112: Chef Robert Marchetti On The Power of Vulnerability, Empathy and Integrity

112: Chef Robert Marchetti On The Power of Vulnerability, Empathy and Integrity

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112: Chef Robert Marchetti On The Power of Vulnerability, Empathy and Integrity

Guest overview Chef Robert Marchetti is an Australian born celebrity chef and now New York based restaurateur and co-founder of Gran Tivoli and Peppi’s Cellar. 

As founder and CEO of Marchettico, his hospitality lifestyle company,  he delivers creative solutions that include Interior Design, Architectural, Food & Beverage, Concept Creation and Design.

Listen to Part One here. 

In Part Two Robert discusses his vision for his NYC restaurant Gran Tivoli and why he is self funded. He reflects on the economic impact of Covid19 on New York restaurants and bars, the business environment, supporting his staff and how as humans we can use this period as a time to grow stronger and sharpen our tools. He discusses why vulnerability is a strength and how he has learned to thrive through failure and his perspective on organic food and the industrial food supply chain. The hard decision he had to make when he was at the top of his game. 

Robert discusses his love of history books, the imperative to solve homelessness and the rest of his quick-fire questions. 

I hope you enjoy the honesty, passion, curiosity Robert Marchetti \

What We Discuss 

In Part One.

Robert discusses the influence of his German mother and Italian father and how they arrived in Australia after WWII. 

In part one Chef Robert discusses how the desire to have an early computer, the Commodore 64, drove him to find his first job in a restaurant washing dishes. This  was an early sign of the power of his persistence as he learned to cook at culinary school. With no interest in school he travelled  across the country to work for his brother in his restaurant as an apprentice. With no favoritism he was pushed into the drug and alcohol fueled kitchen environments of the 80’s and 90’s which gave him his first insight into the dark side of the industry.  

He discusses how his Mother taught him to make something out of nothing and how his father taught him never to let anyone touch him or abuse him. 

Chef Robert portrays the reasons for the dysfunctional environments and the pressures on chefs and their reliance on addiction and alcohol that existed in the 80’s and 90’s. 

He discusses why food that is true to family roots and storytelling is better and encouraging his staff to bring their culture to his menu.

We cover the importance of being self taught and lifelong learning. Robert discusses 

Transcendental meditation, Wim Hoff’s training and managing his anxiety and temperament and  applying all that knowledge to his work as he continuously learns.  

In Part Two we discuss the impact of Covid-19 on New York and the restaurant and business environment.  Robert discusses why vulnerability is a strength and focuses on what he can take out of this to grow stronger, sharpen his tools and use as a positive experiment.

We discuss the reshaping process and once we get back to normal. Robert discusses why people come to New York for the community, the sacrifices people have made to be in New York but with Covid-19 they are now lacking that community.  

We cover the impact on his and Jason’s business. Having empathy for others in worse situations and struggling. Chef Robert explains thriving with failure and preparing for it. He discusses the future of the hospitality industry and the reshaping of it but that people will get back to normal behavior, and the likelihood of corporate takeovers. 

He covers the impact on commercial property rents and the changing dynamics of how bars and restaurants will operate. Robert discusses the economic imperative to reinvigorate industry, the impact and limitations on peoples credit, but why people will always want to eat and drink together. 

Robert covers reading history books, the difficult decisions his had to make, solving homelessness and discusses sustainable food and the challenges of people not understanding where their food comes from. 

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