Ep 186: Robert Hansen RSnake – Ideas To Impact A Billion Lives

Ep 186: Robert Hansen RSnake – Ideas To Impact A Billion Lives

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Ep 186: Robert Hansen RSnake - Ideas To Impact A Billion Lives

To say that Robert Hansen, aka RSnake is a man of impact is an understatement. 

He applied  his hacker skills to expose Pedophile networks in his early 20s, 

He was responsible for the authentication, anti-fraud systems, and anti-phishing technologies at eBay, tech that is now in every modern web browser and protecting every Internet user as a result 

He built the most secure web application security hosting platform in the world at Falling Rocks Network.

He is now providing a window into an otherwise unseen world through his podcast The RSnake Show where he has nuanced conversations, the kinds of discussions normally reserved for behind closed doors with the people who are actually working on important and meaningful issues. 

Robert is on a journey to positively impact a billion lives and to leave the plant slightly better than when he arrived. 

This is a long episode, but it’s an important one for anyone concerned about the threats and risks we face in today’s world. 

We cover: 

  • Robert’s serendipitous start to developing his hacking skills
  • Building a hacker alliance to take down Paedophile groups
  • His philosophy and approach to solving problems at the architectural level.  
  • Robert’s perspective on online security, risks, and privacy 
  • We discuss the potential damage from insulting children from risk, 
  • The threats posed by China’s CCP, their Thousand Grains of sand strategy, and their creeping social credit system, their growing threat to western security from the power of the CCP, the threat of hypersonic missile technology and quantum cryptography
  • Robert describes his top three existential threats, risk of AI
  • And I seek Robert’s perspective on guns. And the historical context of the 2nd amendment and Americans’ s right to bear arms and emerging solutions to gun violence. 
  • On a very personal level, I also ask how he overcame depression in his twenties. 

For anyone interested in gaining deeper insights into our fractured world and the risks we face, this episode is unmissable.

Thank you Chris Debiec for the recommendation.


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