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About The Impossible Network

This is a podcast where we explore the stories and experiences of everyday people living extraordinary lives.

Our aim is to tell their inspiring stories, understand how serendipity played its part in their life’s journey and maybe re-evaluate how we all view serendipity in our lives.

And in doing so we hope to appeal to the curious, the creative and those committed to always seeking better ways to achieve their goals or life ambitions.

This is not a podcast about the tips, tools, techniques or habits of high performers, we might touch on this at times but in all honesty, those podcasts already exist and so brilliantly

Where did this start

We were initially focused on telling the stories of people- ordinary people taking on extraordinary sporting endeavors underpinned by some form of social good or social purpose.

Anyone with an interest high performance whether in sport, business, the arts or any other facet of life will understand the power and principle of setting clear, albeit often unrealistic goals and underpinned by a powerful desire and a strong belief and followed up with and persistent action.

However, the one ingredient in the alchemy of achievement that I have become fascinated about is serendipity. Those often random events, chance encounters or happy accidents, or unexpected good luck that impact on the outcome – things that are seemingly outwith our control. 

….or are they?

I started to wonder, can we engineer serendipity? Horace Walpole, the English Nobleman who in 1754 coined the term based on the Persian Novel The Three Princes of Serendip, certainly thought so….


So I started to question ….could serendipity be simply the result of an ardent curiosity, or occur to those who persist and persevere when others give up, or those willing to take greater risks, embrace change willingly, follow their gut, defy fear, or what David Foster Wallace in his famous commencement speech This is Water….called,  ‘not operating in default setting’ but having awareness, attention and being conscious to what is happening around us as we live.

I don’t know the answer but by talking to a diverse range of people, those who have been or are on interesting life journeys, folk that have already defied what many would have considered possible when they began their careers or life, will I get closer to understanding and appreciating how serendipity occurs.

Either way, hearing the stories, insights, and experiences of interesting, driven, focused and passionate people will be might even be serendipitous.  Now there’s a twist.

By interviewing these amazing people I want to learn about

  • Their personal ‘impossible’ journey
  • How their upbringing affected their sense of self-belief, their values, their attitudes to change, risk-taking and fear.Their curiosity and how they apply creativity
  • How they use and management of technology
  • How they ‘get lost’ in their minds or discover new ideas
  • The hard choices they have made
  • The principles they live by
  • And of course, the happy accidents that occurred along the way.

My hope for this podcast is that it will

  • Inspire  through great stories
  • Instill in listens who need it – belief or desire or take the actions needed to start their own impossible journey.
  • Encourage listeners to embrace uncertainty and be open to what might be possible when you seek out serendipity

If you like the show then please share it, subscribe and give it a five-star rating as it will help us reach more people….

If there are any questions you want us to ask Email mark@theImpossibleNetwork.com

Thanks for listening


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