Lightup Lab - Elina-Teboul

039: Agitating For Happiness – Elina Teboul – Part 2

Guest Overview LightUp Lab Founder is the Russian born, New York raised, corporate lawyer, turned Facilitator, speaker and entrepreneur with a mission to empower people and organizations to flourish through science-backed behavioral solutions – welcome this week’s guest Elina Teboul. Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from New York University and a J.D. from …

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Time - The Impossible Network

036: Reflections On Time

Having heard the diverse stories from our season one guests, I’ve reflected on curiosity, mental health, and serendipity. However, in this final reflection, I want to focus on something that weaves through all three previous musings. Time; its value, it’s scarcity and power.   We recently interviewed Carmen D’Alessio, Impresario behind Studio 54 and one of …

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Evolution of Education

035: Reflections On Education

The science fiction novels, comic book, and movies of the past are full of technologies from the imaginations of writers that have since been transformed to science fact and reality by someone who believed, what most considered impossible, to be possible. I’m old enough to remember the phone-like device from Star Trek that only a few years later ended up in my hands branded Startac by Motorola

Reflections on Serendipity

032: Reflecting on Serendipity

I’m going to start these reflections on serendipity,  It’s the underlying theme of this series, a word that’s often used but as a concept somewhat misunderstood.   Let’s start with its origins.  The origins of words always make for fascinating reading.  But ‘serendipity’ has a particularly interesting origin story.  The word ‘serendipity’ was invented on 28 …

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