Good Vibrations and Changing Personal Realties

Hi, How Are You Vibrating Today?

Our standard daily greeting the world over – How are you? ¿Cómo estás? Comment allez-vous? Kayf halika? to enquire about our state of being, doing, or feeling, usually answered with a cursory ‘I’m good, thanks,’ ‘( Nae Bad if you’re Scottish😉) before carrying on as busy humans getting on with being and feeling our way through life. However, have you ever been asked, ‘How are you vibrating?’ Well, my guest this week, Barbara Daoust, an LA-based Success Coach, describes us as vibrational beings emitting energy through our thoughts, feelings, and actions that all contribute to our personal realities.

“We are all energy. We are all vibrational beings. We all have frequencies that are vibrating all the time. Our brain waves are measured, our heart waves are measured, and yes, now they can measure the electromagnetic energy field of our entire bodies. Every cell, atom, and subatomic particle that exists within us is part of one whole vibrating mechanism.”

I’m sure everyone will have experienced feelings of being energized and equally drained of energy. And know the impact that can have on others. Barbara argues that we can all change our personal realities (personality) by being more intentional with our spiritual, intellectual, and physical states, taking control of our thoughts, and thinking; the environments we occupy, the people we spend time with, what we breathe, and the food we consume. When these states are in harmony, we emit good energy, or as the Beach Boys sang Good Vibrations. Makes sense. I just need to stop that wee voice in my head telling me what I don’t want to hear and cut down on the pizzas and wine 🍷 🍕 Suggested Action: Take some to slow down and reflect on how you feel and what you could change in your personal reality to improve your energy or vibrations.

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