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How are you vibrating

Good Vibrations and Changing Personal Realties

Hi, How Are You Vibrating Today? Our standard daily greeting the world over – How are you? ¿Cómo estás? Comment allez-vous? Kayf halika? to enquire about our state of being, doing, or feeling, usually answered with a cursory ‘I’m good, thanks,’ ‘( Nae Bad if you’re Scottish😉) before carrying on as busy humans getting on

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How to Record a podcast

How to Record a Podcast Remotely And Get It Right The First Time

Choose the right remote recording setup for your podcast How to record a podcast remotely ? The first step is to determine the remote recording setup that best suits the format and content of your podcast and your production and editing workflow. In most cases, your best solution will involve recording remote interviews on Zoom,

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Random Collisions Newsletter

Weekly Digest – Farms, Ideas, Future Fatigue and Femininity

This is an old post but still some value in the links. Podcast we loved  Real Famous with Scott Trattner This conversation with Scott Trattner dates to last year but has a wealth of insights into the creative mind behind some of the most iconic ads from Apple to more recently Facebook. Scott spent years

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