063: 2019 Compilation – Part Two

In this second series of clips, we share more of our guest’s reflections. Partner at Pentagram, Emily Oberman Episode 53, discussed the importance of cultivating a distinctive character. Enjoy her answer. When we met Michael Ventura, Founder of Sub Rosa, Episode 4, he explained his model for Applied Empathy – we can all benefit from this. …

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047: Jeremy Heimans – Perspectives on New Power and Purpose

Guest Overview  Jeremy Heimans – a child activist,  a McKinsey strategist, founder of social movement agency Purpose, TED speaker, and co-author of NY Times bestseller New Power is this week’s guest  We start with Australian born Jeremy reflecting on how the combination of his immigrant parent’s backstory and his voracious interest in politics led him …

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Evolution of Education

035: Reflections On Education

The science fiction novels, comic book, and movies of the past are full of technologies from the imaginations of writers that have since been transformed to science fact and reality by someone who believed, what most considered impossible, to be possible. I’m old enough to remember the phone-like device from Star Trek that only a few years later ended up in my hands branded Startac by Motorola

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