Ep 216: Simon Boyle – Seven Minutes Soundbites – Pt 1

Ep 216: Simon Boyle – Seven Minutes Soundbites – Pt 1

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Ep 216: Simon Boyle - Seven Minutes Soundbites - Pt 1

Seven minutes of snippets from my conversation with Simon Boyle, the London-based change-maker and visionary behind the Beyond Food Foundation and Brigade Bar+Kitchen. In 2004, Simon began transforming the lives of London’s homeless population through food and cooking. 🍽️
In 2010 Simon’s partnered with PwC to launch Brigade Bar+Kitchen in London Bridge, now a hub for unique training programs uplifting those less fortunate. During the Covid pandemic, Simon’s Ecolab expanded its mission with his transformative FreshLife program to provide direction, support, and work experience to individuals whose lives have unraveled.

Shout out to Melanie van de Velde for the connection.

What we discuss

00:00 Intro 

0:30 Who is Simon Boyle?

01:10 Simon on the education system.

01:50 Helping youth?

02:30 Getting a break at the Savoy 

03:18 How the 2004 Tsunami led him to his focus on social impact.

04:40 Dragons Den experience,

06:28 Opening Brigade Bar & Kitchen.

06:51 The PWC partnership prototype helps address societal trauma.


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Links in the Show 

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Savoy Hotel 

Royal Academy of Culinary Arts 

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2004 Tsunami 


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