021: The Curiosity and Compassion of Celebrity Mom – Sharon Feldstein

021: The Curiosity and Compassion of Celebrity Mom – Sharon Feldstein

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021: The Curiosity and Compassion of Celebrity Mom - Sharon Feldstein

New York-born, Hollywood stylist, creator of the first expert management agency, a trend spotter and teacher, and co-founder of moms’ charity YourMomCares.org, is this week’s guest, the irrepressible and inspirational Sharon Feldstein.

Leaving her beloved NYC, aged 20, Sharon earned an early break as a costume designer on 70’s hit TV sitcom, TAXI. Never looking back Sharon became a Hollywood stylist, known for her trend spotting ability.

In the late 90’s she created the global trend of sparkle phone covers, before moving on to create the first expert management agency.

Combining her strong sense of justice with her belief in showing up, and her action-taking attitude to life, Sharon has used her position as mother of Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein, to partner with Patsy Noah (Adam Levine’s Mom) and Terria Joseph (Alicia Keys Mom) to create YourMomCares. Now on a mission to help the most vulnerable children by raising awareness and funding for organizations focused on children’s child mental wellness, Sharon’s next chapter is underway.

Buckle up for the fun and relentless ride through the life of Sharon Feldstein

What we discuss

The impact of her father on Sharon’s sense of self-belief and what she considers possible

Her early exposure to the fashion business

Her mother’s impact  

The matriarchal strength of her grandmother

Being different and standing out

Her respect for Patricia fields

Her embrace of diversity

Her view of life and relationships

Her early years and education in fashion

Moving to LA at 19 years old

Her early break in the sitcom Taxi

Her fearlessness and bravado

Her work ethic and willingness to learn

Her evolution to stylist

How she became a trendspotter

Her development of sparkle phone covers

How she built on her creativity with technical knowledge

Her charitable character

Her motto

Trends and the start of Expert Management

On being relentless vs being persistent

The importance of work ethic, respect, and teamwork


Importance of humor

Her principles

Her hard choices

Where she goes to discover new ideas

Her influences

Who made her reevaluate herself

Who surprised  her the most

How she stays up to date with Technology

Her answer to the Impossible question

Who to interview next


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