022: The White Knight Of Content Publishing – Mads Holmen

022: The White Knight Of Content Publishing – Mads Holmen

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022: The White Knight Of Content Publishing - Mads Holmen

Guest Overview

Mads Holmen – an entrepreneur at school and university, an innovator in digital branded content, founder and CEO of Bibblio and an attention economy thought-leader is this weeks’ guest. 


In this episode, Danish-born, London based Mads discusses his parents’ contribution, and the impact of the Italian educational philosophy Reggio Emilia on his self-belief, and his curiosity. Also how serendipity directed his entrepreneurial journey.


We then dive deep as Mads shares his insights on the challenges we face in our attention economy, the current reality of AI on our digital media behavior, the negative societal impact of attention driving algorithms, and he articulates with clarity how we can counter the duopolistic strangle-hold of Google and  Facebook.


Mads also explains how his company Bibblio is creating a pathway for publishers to increase audiences and revenues without the use of invasive and irrelevant advertising technology, and the imperative for a code of ethics to govern AI development.


We hope you enjoy this thought-provoking, distraction-free and practical perspective on the attention economy with Mads Holmen.


What we discuss

The value of his early education under the Italian Reggio Emilia system  

The impact of his parents on his sense of self-belief and what he considers possible

His early entrepreneurial endeavors at school and university

Where serendipity kicked in

Path to digital viral content at Go Viral

His corporate experience at AOL

Mads decision to leap into an entrepreneurial life

Getting to product market fit

His views on the evolution of the digital media space

The realities of the attention economy

His perspectives on publishing’s past, present, and future

We discuss AI and ethics

The social impact of algorithms

Where Bibblio is headed

His principles

His hard choices

Where he goes to discover new ideas

His influences

Who made him reevaluate herself

Who surprised him the most

How he stays up to date with Technology

His answer to the Impossible question

Who to interview next

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