143: Schuyler Moore – Managing Risk, Agile Living And A.I., Cyber and National Security.

143: Schuyler Moore – Managing Risk, Agile Living And A.I., Cyber and National Security.

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143: Schuyler Moore - Managing Risk, Agile Living And A.I., Cyber and National Security.

 Schuyler Moore is Director of Science and Technology at the Defense Innovation Board, in the US Department of Defense, by day. At night she is a competitive Hip Hop Dancer by night. She is sister to our previous guest Dr. Merritt Moore(Episode No14).

Everything Schuyler shares in this episode is her personal view and perspective. She only speaks herself and does not speak for the Department of Defense or the Defense Innovation Board.

LA born, of a Korean mother and American father, Schuyler’s upbringing equipped her with a deep curiosity, an independent world-view, and valuable problem-solving skills.

Her unconventional mindset enabled her to defy convention, shed her comfort zone and traveling to teach school girls in Afghanistan in 2013 age, this boundary breaking attitude led her to and become director of science and technology at the DoD only six years later.

In this expansive and informative episode, Schuyler shares the value and impact of her parents on her life focus, how her interest in National Security emerged while teaching in Afghanistan, and shares her personal perspectives, knowledge, and insights on agile living and the imperative of how to consider and manage risk in an uncertain and unpredictable world. She explains how she applies this to build confidence, solve problems, maintain humility, and remain calm in the face of chaos. We also discuss gut instinct and innovation and her view on serendipity.

Schuyler shares her advice to parents on how to guide their young daughters to thrive in STEM or Steam and her advice to women in the workforce.

At 45 minutes in we also dive deep into A.I. as I ask Schuyler to define in simple terms what A.I. is, before we get into ethics, standards and traceability, the A.I. arms race and the value to humanity.

I also ask Schuyler about Cyber warfare threats, defending it using zero trust architecture, and how we as nations and businesses think about our network security.

Schuyler shares her recommendations on changes to education to prepare us for the future and hirIng for Creativity and finally we discuss the role of Diversity in innovation.

I hope you enjoy this expansive educational exploration of agile living, risk, AI, Cyber warfare and so much more.

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