009: Living An Intentional Life – Ryder Carroll
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Guest Overview

Today’s guest is Ryder Carroll, the creator of The Bullet Journal® method (or BuJo® for short) and author of the recent Bullet Journal book.

Ryder, a digital product designer by trade, was diagnosed with A.D.D., a learning disability, early in life. This forced him to figure out alternate ways to be focused and productive. Through years of trial and error, he developed a methodology that went far beyond the organization. Now he focuses on helping others learn what the Bullet Journal method is truly about: the art of intentional living.

In this episode we discuss his serendipitous journey to the Bullet Journal, the method, the practice and the underlying why of Bullet Journaling.

I hope you enjoy this existential episode with Ryder Carroll

What we discuss

  • His initial discovery of having ADD, and coming to terms with it
  • The differing teachers’ reactions
  • The actual ADD experience
  • His early experimentation in managing it and how he disguised this
  • Dealing with failure and his focus on ‘better over perfect’
  • His parents’ impact on his self-view
  • Valuable advice for parents with kids with ADD
  • The process vs the outcome and control
  • His journey to journalling and design
  • How an unexpected disaster turned out to be a serendipitous event
  • His worst first job
  • His lessons in gratitude and taking responsibility
  • How transition into digital design and how his early experience of online distraction reinforced his appreciation of analog space to think
  • The impact of the journal on his ability to remain focused
    and productive
  • The development of his analog application
  • How he started sharing the methodology
  • The what, the how, and why of the Bullet Journal
  • The Method ( the system and the practice)
  • Thoughtfulness, reflection, and intention
  • Its impact on mindfulness and decluttering
  • The link to contentment and the stories we tell ourselves
  • Turning insights into actions and goals
  • His Impossible advice
  • The book he recommends
  • Tiny habits
  • Goal setting, purpose, curiosity, and passion

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