008: How to Get to Great Ideas = Dave Birss

008: How to Get to Great Ideas = Dave Birss
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Guest Overview

On Linkedin, Dave Birss describes himself as an Author. Public speaker. Consultant. Film-maker. Chap.

I know him as one of the most interesting creative thinkers on idea development, innovation and why organizations and educational institutions must embrace creativity to prepare for our AI-powered future.

With an award-winning career as a digital creative director in some of London’s top ad agencies behind him, Dave turned his creative attention to an exploration of the creative mind.

Now 3 books to his name and methodology called Right Thinking, Dave is applying his creative thinking framework along with tools and resources to help organizations direct their mental and creative efforts more effectively.

What we discuss:

  • His definition of creativity
  • His perspective on innovation, ‘disruption’, and first to market
  • He discusses this in relation to Nike’s Air technology
  • His approach to Innovation strategy
  • He discusses his book and approach to building ‘Iconic Advantage’
  • His new book ‘How to Get to New Idea
  • Dave discusses the methodology
  • The ghettoization of creativity
  • How to get better creative ideas
  • We discuss this in relation to fear, hierarchy, and leadership
  • Why most CEO’s feel dissatisfied with their companies innovation efforts
  • We discuss Toyota’s approach to innovation
  • Ideas, fear and the neuroscience of decision making
  • His judgment framework
  • Budgets, innovation and getting people of doing mode
  • Creativity and the physiology of the brain
  • His upbringing and its influence on his creative journey
  • Education and creativity
  • And his impossible advice.

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Dave’s Books

How to Get to Great Ideas

Iconic Advantage

A User Guide to the Creative Mind

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