010: To Pod, To Serve – Corey Cambridge

010: To Pod, To Serve – Corey Cambridge

On this show, we discuss the influence of Corey’s family and upbringing, when and how his desire to entertain and his creative drive emerged, his commitment to living a life of service, the impact of serendipity, his view of luck and probability and his philosophy of life. And a whole lot more.
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010: To Pod, To Serve - Corey Cambridge

Corey Cambridge is a New York-based, Virginia-born, podcaster, rapper, and songwriter. He is a creative force of nature and a man on a journey.
In his early career as a rapper and songwriter, he opened up acts such as J. Cole, N.E.R.D., and Kid Cudi and along the way garnered over 2 million YouTube views (and growing).
In 2017 he launched Giant Umbrella, a content company, and podcast network.
His flagship program Silent Giants is a podcast that celebrates the geniuses behind the scenes of pop culture and digs deep to investigate the stories of the creative superstars that have shaped our contemporary landscape.

His recently launched OPP – Other Peoples’ Podcasts – a discovery platform that highlights his favorite podcasters and the dope shows they created.

I hope you enjoy the entertaining episode with Corey Cambridge.

What we discuss:

  • His upbringing and family influences of his mother and grandparents and uncles
  • His people-centric approach to creativity
  • The impact of his journaling
  • His view of luck and probability
  • His views on the changing music scene in NYC and its decline as a creative force
  • Why he expanded his artistic focus from Rap to Podcasting
  • The serendipity of connections he made in NYC
  • His ‘Just Do It’ attitude
  • The importance of service as his core mission
  • Combining his mission and being fearless
  • Managing his curiosity
  • The importance of knowing your brand
  • The value podcasting delivers
  • The story of Silent Giants
  • Why he’s expanded it beyond music to popular culture
  • The guests who surprised him and who have inspired him
  • The source and impact of his innate curiosity
  • Tuning out the noise of the negative news
  • What he’d do with keys to the White House
  • His principles
  • His hard choices
  • Where he discovers new ideas
  • His influences and inspiration
  • How to keep us with tech
  • His ‘Impossible’ advice
  • The books that impacted him and that we will offer
  • His view on life and living
  • The latest Netflix and prime recommendations

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