Navdip Dhariwal

024: How to Confront Race, Gender and Cultural Bias with Navdip Dhariwal
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Guest Overview 

A former BBC International Correspondent and Anchor, reporting from over 60 countries and hostile environments on some of the most significant stories of recent times, honored in the Asian Woman of Achievement Awards, Chief of Communications for the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and most recently founder of Content company Miran Media, is this week’s guest Navdip Dhariwal.

In this extended episode, we cover the challenges of growing up in an Indian immigrate family in racially charged 70’s London, how she confronted racial and gender bias to build a stellar career in journalism and broadcasting in the conventional white male middle-class culture of the BBC.

We discuss Navdips perspective on the state and evolution of the BBC, today’s changing media environment and the privilege of being a journalist

Her perspective on risk, fear and her commitment to journalism, using data to deliver authentic storytelling

She also explains her embrace of kismet over serendipity, predetermination and the importance of carving your own path

Finally, we discuss her views of the challenges India faces in the coming years and her hope for humanity.

I hope you enjoy this convention challenging truth-seeking episode with Navdip Dhariwal.

What we discuss

Growing up as an Indian Immigrant in 1970/80’s London

The racist pressures she faced

Breaking through cultural, gender racial barriers to building a career at the BBC

The global media revolution

How the BBC missed it

Her journey of achievement

How it’s affected her

Her reasons for creating Miran Media

Her perspective on serendipity and kismet

The power of curiosity

The future challenges for India

Her Impossible advice

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