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023: Purpose & Football – Innovation Through Education With Matt Mead
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Guest Overview

A conviction in the power of sport to engage, impact and inspire communities, a relentless curiosity to explore new ways to apply innovative thinking to build educational outreach for one of the world’s largest football clubs and brands, is this week’s guest, Head of Education & Innovation at Chelsea Foundation, Matt Mead.

Growing up in the South of England, Matt’s upbringing prepared him and guided him into a life where coaching, education, technology, and innovation collide. In the first 25 minutes, we explore Matt’s upbringing and story before joining Chelsea.

From 25 min onward we dive deep into his journey in education and innovation at Brighton and Chelsea; how Matt has used the Chelsea brand, the appeal of football to create educational outreach and innovative STEM programs in community programs.

We also explore Matt’s positive impact beyond the UK, with US partnerships and his vision for the future of education.

I hope you enjoy this authentic, honest, inspiring exploration of education and innovation with Matt Mead.

What we discuss:

The impact of a parental split on his early life

The development of his emotional intelligence

The bedrock of sport during his upbringing

His route through education

His decision to pursue a career in sports education

His early love of coaching

The serendipitous experience that led him to a Montessori school in Florida aged 19

His experience of camp America

The impact of football clubs to communities across the UK vs the US

His early experiences with Brighton and then Chelsea Foundation

The importance of inclusion participation, inclusivity and giving back.

Stem as an area of focus for his outreach

Giving Back

All our quick-fire questions!

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