026: The Social Impact Storyteller: Mark Woods

026: The Social Impact Storyteller: Mark Woods

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026: The Social Impact Storyteller: Mark Woods

Guest Overview

UK Journalist, bestselling author, social media content creator for Comic Relief and Sports Relief, and recent founder of social impact film company, Really Good Films is this week’s guest, Mark Woods  

The youngest in a family of seven siblings, Mark recounts the impact of his family upbringing and early home life on his attitude to life and risk talking as well as the seminal impact his English teacher had on this life direction.

Mark discuss his life transition from University into a career in journalism, and PR during the early days of digital, before serendipity opened a new creative path into the heart of Richard Curtis’s Comic Relief organization.

We discuss Mark’s Comic Relief and Sport Relief experiences, his work with the SDG’s, his views on the current state of journalism, news and technology and his optimism for the future of society.

Mark also explains his motivation and method for writing his books on pregnancy for men.

I hope you enjoy this entertaining episode of education and impact with Mark Woods.


What we discuss:

His upbringing as the youngest in a family of seven  

The impact of serendipity

How he became involved in Comic Relief

Why he wrote his first book Pregnancy for Men

How Planet Parent came about

His podcast on Parenting

The beginnings of Sport Relief

Richard Curtis

Forming Really Good Films on Purpose

Project Everyone

Why passion is the foundation of career longevity

The evolution of news and journalism

Future of philanthropy and CSR

His views of creativity and curiosity

Mark’s imperative for education

His Impossible advice

And all our quick-fire questions


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