120: Dr. Morgaine Gaye’s Journey to Food Futurology and The Coming Decade of Change

120: Dr. Morgaine Gaye’s Journey to Food Futurology and The Coming Decade of Change

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120: Dr. Morgaine Gaye's Journey to Food Futurology and The Coming Decade of Change

Guest overview 

Dr. Morgaine Gaye’s path to being a leading thinker in Food Futurology was any but predictable.

As an only child with a partying, Butcher for a mother and an ex-pat bodybuilding construction worker for a father, she grew up in a home with little money, love, attention, and direction. Self-parenting was her only option as she immersed herself in art, books, and a fantasy world.

Leaving school at sixteen, she traveled to the middle east, spent a year at university in Wisconsin, and by 19 was working as a ‘weather girl’ on Hong Kong TV.

She discusses drifting through life until finding herself in the game-changing spiritual community at Findhorn and how serendipity led her to discover Quantum Philosophy and starting her PhD.

Upon discovering she had always been seeking connection, she was drawn to the universal connector – food.

Morgaine breaks down why she focuses on the future of food and we cover how we first met in 2007 working on the development of a raw chocolate bar.

Morgaine explains the disruptive decade we have been living through and why we are moving from a phase of life ‘Having’ to a phase of ‘knowing’ and the seminal shifts that will occur in society, as we become more nature-focused, on an eco-future of biophilia, rewilding and experience the rise of hyper-local communities, and why our global economy will evolve, she observes how fast countries closed borders.

Morgaine discusses her experience of suffering from Covid-19 and losing her sense of smell, which has been her superpower.

We discuss her principles, her hard choices, how 9/11 led her to launch her own brand of superfood and her perspectives on diets, DNA, and genetics.

I hope you enjoy the artistry, vision, and philosophy of Dr. Morgaine Gaye.

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