011: Telling the Untold Stories – Dan McDougall

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Guest Overview
Three-time Foreign Correspondent of the Year nominee (the UK equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize), a dozen major International Prizes for Reporting including four Amnesty International Awards for Outstanding Human Rights Journalism, a Royal Television Society Award for Documentary-Making and a Martha Gellhorn Prize Nominee for War Reporting, Foreign Press Association of London writer of the Year and One World Journalist of the Year for outstanding Foreign Reporting, these awards are testament to the talent and tenacity of Scottish born journalist Dan McDougall

Dan was also voted one of the world’s most influential people in the field of ethical trading by the US-based Ethisphere Institute, he is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Cambridge on Business and Human Rights and recently spoke at The United

Nations in Geneva on the impact of corporate supply chains on the world’s poorest.
He’s also an ardent Glasgow Celtic Fan and an all round good guy.
I hope you enjoy this stimulating and uncompromising discussion with Dan MacDougall

What we discuss:

  • The influence of his working-class upbringing in Glasgow, Scotland
  • How he developed his political sensibilities
  • The impact of Poet Robert Burns
  • The teacher that influenced his journey
  • His route to tabloid journalism in Glasgow
  • His reporter’s life
  • The value of his curiosity and tenacious spirit in uncovering stories
  • How serendipity changed his path during the 2005 Tsunami
  • His deep conviction to uncover corporate supply chain injustices
  • His experiences of child labor abuses
  • His war correspondence experiences
  • His views on fake news
  • Dan’s perspective on education
  • What he’d do with the keys to No 10 Downing Street or the White House
  • His views on the importance of creativity
  • His principles
  • His hard choices
  • Turning class into an advantage
  • His Impossible advice
  • The books he recommends

Links in Show
Dan’s Current Content Company
Dan’s Instagram
Miran’s Instagram
Miran’s YouTube Channel

Links in show
Robert Burns
Herges Adventures of Tin Tin
Maya Angelou
Letter From America
Glasgow Celtic
The Daily Record
2004 Tsunami

His Recommended Books
The Sheltering Sky – Paul Bowels
Road to Oxiana – Byron

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