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007: The Psychotherapists Perspective On Our Challenging Times – Dr. Courtney Rennicke

007: The Psychotherapists Perspective On Our Challenging Times – Dr. Courtney Rennicke
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Guest Overview

This week’s guest is Dr. Courtney Rennicke, founder of Rennicke Associates, a Manhattan-based Psychotherapy Practice that provides treatments for children, teens, and adults, dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, and post-adoption issues.

As a Massachusetts born, and Columbia University, trained clinical psychologist, Courtney has a mission to offer adults, children and families personalized, pragmatic and progressive therapies that help them understand their stories, deal with their darkest of moments in order to form stronger connections within themselves and with others.

She travels internationally to train and coach mental health professionals, parents, and organizations about how attachment based principles can improve the quality of their lives and the culture of their groups.

In this interview Courtney and I discuss:

  • Her parent’s dual impact on her development and journey to psychotherapy as a career
  • How serendipity affected the path she followed in professional pursuit of more effective therapies.
  • Her first-hand experience of the psychological effects of the current political and social climate,
  • What we can learn from other countries more balanced representation of race and gender
  • The neurological impact of neglect or abuse, and the necessity for human connection.
  • The developments occurring in affective neuroscience and evidence-based treatments
  • How creativity manifests itself in her practice
  • How she judges success in her practice
  • How she fosters a risk-taking environment
  • Her view on conflict avoidance
  • How leadership style and influences
  • Her perspective on the character ‘Wendy’ from the series Billions
  • The mainstream application of attachment therapy
  • Her psychotherapeutic view of journaling
  • The importance of story for patients
  • The brains reaction to rejection and lack of emotional connection
  • Her patients’ reaction since the change in administration and recent Kavanagh hearing
  • Her views on the state of equitable representation in society
  • Her principles
  • The hard choices she has made
  • How she discovers new ideas
  • Her honest ‘ bristling’ reaction to my ‘Impossible’ question


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