146: Raw And Resilient – Navigating 2020’s Hospitality Apocalypse With Robert Marchetti

146: Raw And Resilient – Navigating 2020’s Hospitality Apocalypse With Robert Marchetti

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146: Raw And Resilient - Navigating 2020's Hospitality Apocalypse With Robert Marchetti

The Raw Hospitality Show founder our previous guest, Robert Marchetti the New York-based, Australian hospitality veteran is back for more.

Robert recently launched his own podcast The Raw Hospitality Show, where he interviews industry icons and what he describes as boots on the ground ‘hospo peeps’ (that an Aussie term) those unseen folk whose voices are seldom heard.

Robert’s aim with the new show to inspire, motivate, and entertain the 16 million+ hospitality folks in the USA, and 50 million+ globally.

With Covid-19 continuing to decimate the industry, Robert hopes that by interviewing industry veterans and on the ground game-changers, their views and insights into what’s next will inspire a generation of hospitality workers to remain resolute and resilient through these challenging times.

In this fast-paced episode, Robert also covers how he embraced the challenges of Covid19 with a positive attitude and a radical acceptance that he may well lose his Soho restaurant and bar Gran Tivoli and Peppi’s cellar. He explains the need to pivot, how he’s used this time to reorientate his business and goes on to explain the work he is now doing with Creative community workspace Neuehouse.

Robert is more than resilient, he radiates practical positivity with a grounded sense of humor that is uplifting in these strangest of times.

I hope you agree.

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