Ep 221: Maff Potts – Camerados Founder Seven Minutes of Soundbites

Ep 221: Maff Potts – Camerados Founder Seven Minutes of Soundbites

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Ep 221: Maff Potts - Camerados Founder Seven Minutes of Soundbites

TL:DR If you’re short on time and want to be inspired and uplifted, here are seven minutes of soundbites from Camerados founder Maff Potts.  

If you do have the time, on a run, cycle, or drive, check out the full episode. It refreshingly good

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About Maff

Maff Potts, is the pioneering force behind Camerados, an ever-expanding global social movement centered around one simple yet powerful concept: Public Living Rooms. Designed to foster a sense of togetherness within our communities, these spaces provide a welcoming environment where people can come together, share a cup of tea or coffee, engage in conversation, and experience the transformative power of human connection – all without any expectations or agenda.

Before launching Camerados, Maff served as CEO for various charities, witnessing firsthand how traditional approaches to tackling social issues like homelessness, domestic abuse, and social isolation often fell short by merely addressing the symptoms rather than the root causes. This revelation led him to the realization that the two fundamental needs every individual requires are “friends and purpose.”

By stepping outside conventional frameworks, Maff has harnessed the potential of Public Living Rooms to alleviate the symptoms of numerous social issues and address their underlying causes. As a genuine difference maker, Maff has successfully established over 170 Public Living Rooms across five countries.

If you’re feeling disheartened by the current state of our societies and the erosion of social connection in the wake of the pandemic, this episode will inspire and uplift you. To join Maff’s mission, become a Camerados, and create your own local Public Living Room, simply follow the link in the show notes


What we discuss 

00:00 Intro 

00:27 Discovering what matters in life?

02:02 Issue with existing Charity models

03:49 Ingredients for a happy life 

05:17 Reality of life

05:50 Taxes, Death and Trouble

06:26 Why Maslow’s Hierarchy is wrong?

07:17 How the Public Living Rooms work


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