Ep 205: Dr. Melanie van De Velde – Seven Minute Soundbites

Ep 205: Dr. Melanie van De Velde – Seven Minute Soundbites

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Ep 205: Dr. Melanie van De Velde - Seven Minute Soundbites

Leading Like A Genius

TL:DR – If you’re short on time and want some topline insight into the thinking and work of Melanie Van De Velde, then here are 7 minutes of key soundbites.  

If you do have the time on a run, cycle, or drive, check out the full episode. Now over to Melanie. She is doing important work. 

About Dr. Melanie van De Velde. 

Melanie wholeheartedly believes that we can make this world a way better place. As Founder of Big Tree Global, Melanie and her team support business leaders and MBA students from around the world with insights and tools to help them create a positive impact on key global issues grounded in the SDGs while helping them boost business growth authentically. The insights Melanie applies in her IMPACT workshops, Masterclass, and inspiration trips are based on her research, for which she was awarded the Adam Smith Prize for Ph.D. Excellence, and nominated by Cambridge University. 

Melanie is also the author of LEAD LIKE A GENIUS: 12 Ways to ace sustainability and transform our world (due Oct 23) and LOVE YOUR LEGACY: Five secrets of leading businesses that build a better world. 

As a domain expert and difference maker, I am so excited to talk with Melanie and learn more about how she is helping businesses to empower people, deliver just payments, and create a positive impact on the planet as well as human health and well-being. 

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