Ep 188: Jennifer Hutchins – Storyteller And Founder Of The All Entertainment Business

Ep 188: Jennifer Hutchins – Storyteller And Founder Of The All Entertainment Business

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Ep 188: Jennifer Hutchins - Storyteller And Founder Of The All Entertainment Business

Jennifer Hutchins  – Guest Overview

Hey, hey, welcome back, this is the first interview in my new format, where I will interview Storytellers, Difference Makers, and Domain Experts to tell their stories,  invite them to connect with each other, and challenge them to take action on issues and problems they care about, the problems that need solving. Think about it as a live experiment as I work to build action engines for progress…why? Actions matter –  we have enough think tanks.

So for the first in my storyteller series of interviews, my guest is Jennifer Hutchins – award-winning Hollywood TV and film producer and now Austin-based Founder of All Entertainment Business, the fast-growing entertainment industry networking event series. 

In the first 45 minutes of this interview, we understand who Jennifer really is and what made her who she is. She recounts her journey and path to success in Hollywood, shares her wisdom of what works, dealing with fear and doubt, and the rollercoaster ride of a producer’s life in LA. 

In the second 45 minutes, Jennifer shares her vision for her All Entertainment Business networking event series, shares her wisdom on how to open doors and create opportunity(applicable to any career at any stage of life) how it resulted in her working with critically acclaimed writer-director Richard Linklater, and her three pieces of advice for anyone seeking a successful career. 

As we wrap up, I challenge Jennifer to connect and collide with some of my other Difference Maker and Domain Expert guests, and we agree to a follow-up to discuss the outcome. Let’s get started. 

Show Breakdown

We cover a lot in this episode: 

  • Jennifer’s reason for pivoting from Journalism to Hollywood to tell stories 
  • Her circuitous journey to success in Hollywood
  • The impotence of giving first and its role in her success 
  • The rollercoaster ride of working and competing in Hollywood,
  •  Breaking her neck and ribs in a car accident – 28.40 
  • Finding herself working 20 hours plus on Dr. Phil while pregnant, knowing something was not right 
  • As a single mother being drawn to Austin and the realization that Austin was calling her (39.30) 
  • The genesis of the Austin Entertainment Business and how Jennifer grew the network to over 10,000 by cultivating a culture of abundance and building the event she always wanted (43.00- 52.00)
  • The serendipity of events that led her to achieve her goal of working with Richard Linklater and Bill Guttentag
  • How she pivoted the event during Covid to All Entertainment Business by embracing Zoom and opening it to the world (57.00)
  • Her global mission and ambition for All Entertainment Business and to discover and support the underrepresented 59.00-1.05 
  • Jennifer describes her natural gifts as an example of her ability and tenacity to bring ideas to life (1.08.00) 
  • Dealing with fragility and doubt (1.11.30)
  • The importance of dependability  1.13.00
  • Jennifer’s three pieces of advice (1.15.30-1.17.30)  
  • The power of affirmations (1.18.00)
  • The importance of belief, desire, and taking action 
  • Her advice on people wanting to get into the industry 1.22.00
  • The change she would like to see in the world 1.28.20
  • Her perspective on AI 1.31.20
  • Jennifer asks for a financial partner to support her and allow her to grow her global team. 1.34.00

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